Tottenham face serious competition from Manchester United for the signing of Ryan Sessegnon, according to The Mirror.

Earlier this week, Spurs emerged as favourites to sign the 17-year-old defender from Fulham.

With Liverpool cooling their interest in Sessegnon, a journalist from The Liverpool Echo went as far to say: “He’s off to Spurs.”

But it appears Tottenham will face a battle with Manchester United to secure the left-back, who can also play as a left winger.

Sessegnon is yet to sign a professional contract with Fulham, so Spurs and Manchester United have the chance to snap him up before that happens.

You can watch Sessegnon score twice in a game against Newcastle United in the video below.



  1. typical mourhinio sorry about spelling dosent like competion would scupper deal so spurs cant get the boy and then all clear for large payment 6 months waiting to get a game come to us my son give jose the finger

  2. What young player would want to play for Mourinho after seeing how he relentlessly abused Luke Shaw (also a left back) in the media just a few months ago?

    On the other hand, what young upcoming player wouldn’t want to play for Ponchetino at Spurs?

    Utd should pull out now to avoid the future embarrassment that will come when the player inevitably chooses Spurs over them.

  3. It is said that Sessegnon does’nt want to move up North, preferring to stay in the South and in particular London. As a result, Liverpool pulled out. Now forgive me but isnt Manchester also up North and in fact, 25 miles away from Liverpool?
    The no class low class oiks who write for the sun, mirror and the daily star, contradict themselves on a daily basis when it comes to Manchester United. Have any of you noticed recently that every top performing player Spurs possess, or are reported to be interested in, is high on Manchesters United’s wish list? It would appear that certain people associated with both the Manchester clubs have identified THFC as the most dangerous opposition in the league now and will do anything in their power to disrupt the clubs progress. Amazing, you’ve just got to laugh at these cretins in the media.


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