It’s not every day a footballer receives a red card for dribbling past an opponent…

But that’s exactly what happened to Josh Onomah while playing for England in the U20s World Cup quarter-finals.

England beat Mexico 1-0 to reach the semi-finals of the competition in South Korea. But the main talking point came midway through the second half.

Tottenham midfielder Onomah breezed past an opponent only to inadvertently tread on the Mexico player’s foot. Bizarrely the referee saw this as a card-worthy foul, showing Onomah a second yellow and sending him off.

You can decide for yourself whether Onomah was harshly treated by watching the video below (via @spurs_fanatical).



  1. Absolute Joke of a decision, the referee hasn’t got a scooby doo, I’d definitely appeal that f**king numpty

  2. Onomah is more skilful than I thought if he can dribble past an opponent whilst deliberately stamping on his foot!


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