Toby Alderweireld has claimed he is still waiting for Tottenham to offer him a new contract, also suggesting as far as he knows he will be a Spurs player next season.

The Belgian has been linked with a move away from Tottenham as talks over a new deal continue to drag. Inter Milan are believed to be interested in taking him to Italy.

But Alderweireld has now told reporters in Belgium he is yet to be offered a contract by the club.

“I’m still waiting for a contract proposal,” he said in quotes relayed by The Independent. “But in my mind I’m playing for Spurs next season.

“There is no talk now, so it’s all rumours, because if there’s no talk there’s no rejection as well. We will see in the future how it will go.”

The 28-year-old has been one of Tottenham’s stand-out players over the last two seasons. As a result, many supporters believe he deserves to become one of the club’s top earners on par with Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris, who earn in excess of £100,000-a-week.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with his contract, but at least it seems Alderweireld will still be at Spurs next season.





  1. That’s NOT what he add words in all over the place to make it sound more dramatic.. he will be playing for Spurs next season and the season after and more, stop with the rubbish

    • But, but, but, all Tottenham’s players will leave – the media told us so.

      It offends their sensibilities that a club with less money than their rivals is doing so well. They are obsessed with our wage bill, even though it is exactly in line with UEFA guidelines. It is a wage policy even though they repeatedly mis-call it as a wage cap. Tottenham pay a set percentage of revenues in wages, and as said that percentage is exactly that advised by UEFA for a club to operate healthily within the revenue streams it generates. It’s a problem to our good friends in the media. Our rivals, who generate more revenues than us, also pay massively disproportionately in wages. Check Liverpool out. They pay about half again as a percentage of revenues in wages than we do. City and Chelsea are massively and obscenily financially doped causing a massively inflated market, but that’s not a problem. But, hell, one of the former big five actually builds itself up to a position where it is challenging again, using only the revenues it generates, and it really upsets them.

      And that is the subtext to all the media speculation and unsettling of Tottenham and Tottenham’s players. I suspect it is in part because they have spent so long criticising Daniel Levy and telling their public he was useless. I also suspect that for many of them it is because they are the type of characters who spent half their time going on about how much they hated Thatcher and Thatcherism, and the other half of their time obsessing over their wages and thinking that anyone who earned lower wages was inferior. LoL.


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