Tottenham value Manchester United target Eric Dier at £50 million, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Jose Mourinho is believed to be targeting English players in every priority position as Manchester United aim to strengthen their squad in order to compete for the Premier League title next season.

The story cites quotes from an interview that took place back in March when Mourinho spoke about the increased difficulty of signing players from other big clubs in England, especially Spurs.

He said: “Here, everyone is powerful now. The scenery has changed. If I want to buy a player from Tottenham, I can’t.

“Nor can I buy a player from Manchester City or Arsenal. That was not the case before. At Chelsea, I brought in Shaun Wright-Phillips, who was the best player at Manchester City or Ashley Cole from Arsenal.

“Sir Alex (Ferguson), when he wanted the best player from Tottenham, he bought Michael Carrick and then (Dimitar) Berbatov.”

Manchester United have been repeatedly linked with a move for Dier, but the above quotes are telling.

Not only would Tottenham be unwilling to sell a key player to a rival these days, but Dier’s £50 million price tag is emblematic of the inflated market when it comes to English footballers.




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  2. There is no £50m valuation, it’s all fantasy invented by the press to sell newspapers.

    We have given no valuation for Eric Dier.

    If anyone enquired or bid they would simply be told he is not for sale at virtually any price.

    We certainly would not cite or accept £50m anyway.

    He’s not for sale but if someone bids something obsurd (which is north of £70m) we may have a decision to make.

    • LoL.
      As if Daniel Levy would prefer for negotiations for a player he doesn’t want to sell by making a public valuation that is way below what it would take to force him to actually consider selling.


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