Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is set to urge the club’s board to speed up incoming transfer deals, according to The Daily Mail.

Following Kyle Walker’s £50 million-plus move to Manchester City, the Spurs boss wants the club to be more decisive in the transfer market in order to sign his key targets.

Pochettino is keen on Everton’s Ross Barkley and Porto defender Ricardo Pereira.

Any deal for Barkley is expected to drag on until the end of the transfer window with Everton seemingly refusing to budge on his valuation, despite the midfielder having just 12 months left on his contract.

Pereira is also complicated. Porto expect Tottenham to meet the right-back’s £22 million asking price, but the 23-year-old is believed to be attracting interest from Serie A Champions Juventus, which could throw a spanner in the works.

Elsewhere, a deal for the young Argentine defender Juan Foyth is expected to be completed sooner rather than later.

Spurs would be wise to move for their targets quickly in order to bed new players in during pre-season. But we know it’s not as simple as that. Sometimes deals take a long time, and Pochettino may have to be patient.



  1. No need to panic buy

    Just a bit of squad depth required. Don’t need ego’s. Would prefer to buy youth and nurture it

  2. Don’t understand having any interest in Ross Barkley.. he can’t pass, rarely scores and rarely tackles! He’s nowhere near as good as Wanyama, Dembele, Winks, Eriksen or Alli.

    • ? percent right don’t need Barkley waste of money!! What is it with spurs over buying in midfield we need to strengthen in other areas

    • I agree but were any of the players mentioned anywhere near their current level before poch.. Barkley needs a touch of poch and we’ll have a talent on our hands

    • Pretty sure I remember seeing stats that showed that Barkley had been the 2nd most likely player to be dispossessed in a dangerous position in the last year to 2 years in the premier league.
      That isn’t a good stat to have in a team that has boasted really good defensive stats, it’s like Poch wants people to score against us!

  3. Where off to Wembley cos we beat the ARSEnil
    Where off to Wembley cos we beat the ARSEnil
    In the North London Cup they was only runners up
    Now they can’t get the Double UP the ARSEnil

    C’mon you Spurs!!!

  4. I can understand the interest in Barkley. To me he could be superb with the right calibre of players around to bring the best out of him but the boy seems lost in that current Everton midfield where they all appear to run around like headless chickens not knowing what each other is supposed to be doing. Dele Alli can do what he does at Spurs safe in the knowledge that he has Wanyama and Dembele at his back and behind them, a superb defence. Barkley doesn’t have that luxury at the moment or an Eriksen or Alli to share the distribution. If the speculation is correct and he does wind up at Spurs, he’ll work with one of the best young managers around in Pochettino who will help him realise his obvious talent. That plus exciting team mates many of whom he’s already very familiar with during England duty. Honestly, the boy could be a tremendous asset.

  5. I’m not sure about the author knows what, if anything, Poch has said to the board. I know its silly clickbait season but don’t lower yourself. Quotes please, not opinion.

    In terms of transfers, if we can hang onto the big boys, I’m not sure we need to do to much in this window. Another striker would be nice and obv replace anyone that leaves, but the smart money is Poch looking at some of our talented kids to come through instead.

    Also, am I the only one who loves the way Levy works? It’s poetry watching him being such a tight ass and pretty much always getting what he wants. £45 mill for Walker is spectacular business. now lets see if you can get the same for Sissoko haha

    • I personally don’t like the way that Levyvdoes business, it is the fastest way to make enemies and enemies in football makes a club seek out a direct rival to sell to just to spite a man like Levy.

    • We need another Stirker badly – Does City, Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal only have 1 recognised Striker? No – Cos they are looking to win trophies: that’s the difference between them and us. Levy please wake up! always being stingy and buying cheap
      Players on instalments – buy good players for good money – not these cheap bargains you always do. THEY ARE CHEAP FOR A REASON LEVY

      • Spurs don’t have a second striker but last season we had Sonny and Ali around the 20 mark and Eriksen getting closer each season. Barkley would be a good addition to the goal machine we have become and share the load as we need more goals from midfield and Barkley playing with Kane, Dele, Christian and Sonny can get up there on the goal tally too.

  6. Every deal Levy is connected with takes an eternity, maybe it’s good for getting a bargain price but we lose out on many of our so called top targets because he won’t pull the trigger.

  7. Boring,boring??. Still a feeder club, sell out best players and don’t buy big. Always left behind and will struggle for top 4 this year, especially at old wembo. Cosy

    • How can you be so negative?
      All the positive things going on with Tottenham and you say this.
      Another idiot trolling a Tottenham blog.
      Shut up and go support Arsenal.

  8. It’s the smart move. Cashing now when his best asset is pace. Maximum value. He will only lose more pace as he gets older. I hope spurs are decisive and get their 1st choice even if it means paying a bit more. Like pereira….just get him stop messing around

  9. Walker fell out with Poch expecting to jump straight back in the side.. no choice he had to go. Trips never complained just worked hard, took his chance when it came and has been solid as for most matches. And I bet if you asked Kane who he’d rather have putting in crosses from the right it would be Trips… not hit and hope Walker. No worries he’s gone and great price for him!

    • Yea right!
      I’m a Tottenham fan and don’t believe that b.s.
      Just hope Trippier improves defensively.
      He only played well against Watford to be honest…..3 times.

  10. I agree Same old Spurs; buy rubbish players that usually flop (Clinton, Nkoduo, Sissoko, the list goes on) – I hate to say it but spend some money and buy players like Sanchez and Ozil. We need to actually buy good players, not these hit or miss players. Along with City, Chelsea, Man U – we need to have two squads so we can compete the whole season with CHampions League, FA Cup, The premier league and Mickey Mouse cup – it’s a marathon not a sprint – We need a World Class Striker, a creative midfielder, a Winger, a centre back and right back, look at all the other Top 5 clubs spending money buying loads of players – cos they want to actually win things, if we don’t start winning trophies say bye bye to Kane, Alli, Dier, Eriksen, Lloris, Rose – say bye bye as fast as you can

  11. First thing we need to do, if we can (and I believe we can), is to revise our wage structure – upwards, that is. Until we do, it will be very difficult holding on to our top players and attracting other top players to come. What good is having a state-of-the-art stadium, best in London and all that, if our wage structure is way below that of Chelsea and Arsenal? If we can secure a whopper for the stadium naming rights (which I think is well within Levy’s ability to do so) and if we stop spending silly money on the Sissokos of the footballing world, I don’t see why we can’t raise our wage ceiling at least to the level of Liverpool and Arsenal. If we can raise it by 50% (Lloris and Kane from 100k to 150k a week for instance), we would have been able to pay Walker the 100k he asked for. Ditto for Dier, Alderweireld, Rose, Vertonghen, Alli, Eriksen and Wanyama. One of the main reasons we did so well last season was we had practically the same starting eleven as we did the season before, strengthened by the inclusion of Wanyama. We really should not be depleting our solid core because of some tight arsed wage policy.

  12. We need to buy wise they way money is now we could pay 25 mil on a replacement for walker 25 mil on potential player that don’t pan out it will be a backward step don’t think Barkley is the answer need to get rid of some dead wood i.e. Sissoko,nkdou,Jansen, get some swap deals going I thought the Spanish u21 would of been a good back for Kane gone Everton for 5 million Barkley for sissoko

  13. I see a few on here believe the power of hindsight makes them an expert, when refering to nkludo/clinton etc you should remember that spurs like EVERY other club have players that dont meet the expectations, in fact i would argue in recent years we have had considerably less of these than most other premier league clubs, take a look through the squads of the rest and compare!
    As for Jansen, lets give him another year before condeming him.

    • its easy to blame it on Hindsight – BUT it’s the facts – Sisoko, Jansen, Soldudo, Nkoudo, Clinton, Lamela, Fazio, Stambouli, the list goes on – these are all recent seasons.
      You need to wake up.
      Man City, Chelsea, United, Arsenhole – buy real players and they are not tigt arsed like Levy on these rubbish players.
      People say ‘well we ain’t got money’, it’s all garbage, excuses are the tools of the incompetent – Joe Lewis is one of the richest men in the UK. Our income has massively increased since our so called fight for the the title and finishing 3rd, 2nd and Champions League (all this money goes in the Kitty). Our new stadium was massively subsidised by Harigay Council and massive amounts of money has been made by THFC on the houses built, etc. We players like walker On expensive transfers regularly – we got the money to buy 30-50M players (on instalments if Levy wishes) but all these 10-15M players ain’t premier Legue winning quality, let alone Champions League. They ain’t going to compete with Chelsea’s depth in squad. This season City, Chelsea and Man united have massively strengthened – it’s not looking good for us – believe that ( you think Josh ONYEMAH is Gona come on and bang goals when Kane gets injured or Son has a bad patch like he has countless times.
      The quicker people wake up and smell the coffee the quicker we will grow and win trophies, otherwise it will be the “same old Spurs” – we almost done it didn’t we ?


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