Ross Barkley’s reason for wanting to join Spurs from Everton revealed

Ross Barkley’s reason for wanting to join Spurs from Everton revealed



Ross Barkley wants to join Tottenham after hearing good things about Mauricio Pochettino, according to the London Evening Standard.

The 23-year-old was believed to be reluctant to move to London but has apparently been swayed after hearing a number of glowing reports about the Argentine manager.

Reports earlier this week claimed Barkley wanted to become Tottenham’s top earner, but those suggestions were later dismissed.

The midfielder refused to sign a new contract with Everton at the end of last season and is expected to move on in the coming weeks.

Spurs are favourites to sign Barkley, but it seems the clubs are still some way from compromising on a fee. Arsenal and Manchester United are also rumoured to be keen.

Barkley has been ruled out of action for the next four weeks after undergoing groin surgery, so he will miss the start of the new season. I wouldn’t expect this one to be completed any time soon.


  1. You’re a spurs blog that writes ambiguous headlines like the mainstream media. even blogs are at it now… I presume you’re a fan that writes for fans, although you now write for clicks.

    make sure you get all the keywords in, clubs, player name, ‘revealed’.

  2. If he moves to Spurs he certainly can’t be called a glory hunter or looking to join a big club,2x champions Spurs haven’t won the league for 56 years

  3. yea but the league don’t lie. right now we got the best goalkeeper the best defence the best attack and the best striker golden boot winner for 2 seasons running, and the best coach in the premire league. so sit down and shut up and you might learn something paul. TOTTENHAN, TOTTENHAM NO ONE CAN STOP EM.

  4. It is a disgrace that our club has only 2 league titles. All the talent & potential wasted. Now we are in a position to at last realise that potential, after 2 decades of poor & hesitant management


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