Mauricio Pochettino has suggested Tottenham must make signings if they are to challenge for the title again this season.

In an interview published by multiple national newspapers, the Spurs boss spoke about the club’s lack of transfer activity in comparison to the Premier League’s other top clubs.

He said: “How have Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and different clubs tried to improve their season? Bringing players and trying to put more pressure on their star players, their key players – and for us we need to do that too.

“Right, now [I hear] we need to win some trophies, no? That is good, the pressure. I think it’s important to understand now that we need to be clever how we manage the expectation and how we need to put pressure on our own players.”

Pochettino also emphasised the importance of providing competition for Tottenham’s best players in order to push them to a higher level.

He said: “We understand that Dele Alli, Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen, [Eric] Dier, [Toby] Alderweireld are really good players. They want to win but need to feel the pressure a little bit to improve every season.

“If there’s no competition in behind it’s normal to drop your motivation, it’s normal to drop everything that you do. And then it’s difficult to win.

“Every season we need to be clever in how we bring more energy and make sure our main players are not in a comfortable situation – because if not it is normal in human beings.”

He added: “The problem is so clear. We are not a club today that can compete with Manchester United and City for a player. We cannot fight. We are in a different way. But the thing is Daniel [Levy] is very keen to sign like me. These type of player we are talking about they are not easy to find.”



  1. Sadly, Mr Pochetino can’t say that Levy has let him down especially considering the number of players he has identified as backups for the team.
    It will only be a matter of time before he gets fed up working under a boss like Levy and just leave.
    Then there will an exodus of players going al because of Levy!

  2. I agree with John Greenwood, Levy is only interested in increasing the financial portfolio of himself and Joe Lewis. Lewis is on a financial par with the Chelsea owner. I wonder why in the last sixteen years, Chelsea have won fourteen trophies and us only one.

    Keith Bullen.


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