Crystal Palace are interested in signing Tottenham goalkeeper Michel Vorm, according to multiple reports.

Earlier this week, Spurs completed the signing of Paul Gazzaniga to provide further competition for Vorm and Hugo Lloris.

But the London Evening Standard and Sky Sports believe Palace are keen to take Vorm to Selhurst Park.

Sky suggest Gazzaniga was signed to be the club’s third choice goalkeeper, so I think it’s unlikely Tottenham will let Vorm leave.

On the off-chance that he does go, perhaps Spurs will be forced into the market for yet another goalkeeper.



  1. Right at this moment in time, Spurs are focused on completing their acquisitions of players to add strength & depth. They are not going to become engaged in selling Vorm or seeking a replacement. Can’t imagine anyone in the Spurs organization thinking that Crystal Palace’s desire for Vorm would be worth putting much energy into at this stage. I suspect CP is a month late and a few pounds short to be pursuing Vorm..

  2. i,ll have some of what Opher is smoking Lioris will earn spurs more points this season than he will cost us . he lost out on the golden glove award by 1 goal last season he is in the top 5 best keepers in europe if the world , vorms good but he aint that good 🙂 as for humiliating against the chelski u must of been watching a diff game son or was it thru weed tinted glasses

  3. OK guys. Let’s make one thing clear before I voice my opinion. And it is only an opinion, my opinion. I ain’t on drugs and I haven’t touched any alcohol this morning. Right, that’s got that out of the way. Now, am I the only one who thinks Lloris is somewhat over-rated? Am I the only one who holds his breath every time he has the ball at his feet? His kicking is dreadful and more often than not either goes straight into touch or puts his team-mate under pressure, as was the case with Wanyama on Sunday. Yes, Victor was slow to react but it wasn’t a good choice from Lloris and led to the goal. As for the attempted save, poor in the extreme. Yes, he has saved our bacon on a number of occasions but then there are any number of keepers in the Premiership who make wonderful saves every week for their clubs. And what does he do as captain? In my opinion, Kane is a much better captain, or Toby or Verts. So, there we go. That’s my humble opinion and that’s what this comments box is all about, opinions. Now then, where did I put my weed?

  4. h20poloman good shout im not happy with keepers as captain but thats Pochs decision so what do i know but i do think Loris is a great keeper (they all have their off days )Toby or Verts.would make great captains im sure regarding your weed i think Opher has nicked it C.O.Y.S

    • I agree, Bernard that all keepers have an off day, but think of the number of times that he has put his side in trouble with his distribution – or just kicked it into touch. He cost France the match against Sweden recently with a dreadful kick straight to Toivenen who gratefully whacked it back into the empty net. Yes, he has saved our bacon on a number of occasions but I hide close my eyes every time the ball is passed back to him and he is put under pressure. It’s a weak part of his game that he seems unable to improve. In my opinion.


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