A first Wembley win for Tottenham looked certain going into stoppage time 1-0 up against visitors Burnley. But Chris Wood’s equaliser right at the death consigned Spurs to yet another disappointing result at the national stadium. So how did Mauricio Pochettino’s side rate individually?

Hugo Lloris, 7

Made a fine one handed save and a perfectly timed sliding interception that would have been crucial to the points had Tottenham held on. Could do little about the goal.

Kieran Trippier, 4

His defensive positioning, particularly in the last few minutes, was dreadful. Inexplicably stopped tracking Wood for the Burnley goal. Didn’t make up for it with any meaningful attacking contribution.

Toby Alderweireld, 6

Some accused him of failing to communicate with Trippier for the equaliser, but I thought the right-back was solely at fault. Alderweireld was generally comfortable but could have distributed the ball with more intent.

Jan Vertonghen, 7

The opposite to Alderweireld in possession: brought the ball out from the back quickly, drilling it into the forward players with purpose. Dealt with Burnley’s imposing forwards despite being clattered a couple of times.

Ben Davies, 5

Simply didn’t offer enough drive going forward. Made a couple of promising overlaps in the second half and wasn’t found, but should be taking the offensive initiative himself more often.

Eric Dier, 6

Tidy on the ball in midfield for an hour without really standing out. He then dropped into a back three when Burnley introduced two centre-forwards, which gave Trippier permission to roam and lose his discipline.

Mousa Dembele, 7

A third impressive display in as many weeks. We’d perhaps be hearing more praise for the Belgian had the last two results been better. Moved with the ball beautifully and used his strength to aid the defence.

Christian Eriksen, 6

Admirably tried to create openings whenever possible but was a little nonchalant in the final third, and his final product wasn’t quite there apart from the corner that led to the goal.

Dele Alli, 7

Scored the goal that should have won it for Spurs. Like Eriksen, he could have been a bit more decisive in and around the box. Regardless, he made a tangible impact and that’s what he’s there to do.

Heung-Min Son, 6

Drove into the Burnley box as often as possible early on but struggled to get in behind the defence. Was substituted with 20 minutes to go, just as the game was beginning to stretch — a mistake, for me.

Harry Kane, 6

What else does he have to do to score in August? Made the wrong decision two or three times in promising positions, but was mostly foiled by countless blocks.


Moussa Sissoko, 6

Replaced Son. Seemed keen to get forward but he’s simply not a game-changer.

Harry Winks, N/A

Came on in the 88th minute. Didn’t do a lot.

Davinson Sanchez, N/A

Introduced after the equaliser in stoppage for a very short debut appearance.



  1. IMHO, Trippier is not our long term solution for the right wing back position. We need a much younger energetic, aggressiveness with pace and power player to fill in that slot. Maybe I see that in KWP if he really has the potential to be trained and guide in the right manner. It is good to bring in Sergio Aurier for competition of places. Very disappointed with Trippier with that equaliser that we conceded during stoppage time. Players should never stop playing until the final whistle blows.

  2. As usual because some Pundit made a comment last year he thought Trippier was a better passer of the ball than Walker all of a sudden it is a fact? He had a great game last season against weak opposition and then boom! he is fantastic. Eriksen gets a 6 today ?? Why always do the comments say, “had little impact” wasn’t his usual self”but never gets less than a 6. Game should have been done and dusted if Harry was Harry. This Wembley stuff is so moronic it is driving me nuts, Spurs should have won last week against Chelsea and dominated the game, they did today as well and if not for poor finishing that is a stroll in the park. Wembley my arse. Alderwereld also should have got that ball first and have no idea why he decided to try and slide and block it while turning his body than just going hard in with the right foot and either its a tackle or the ball hits row z out of bounds. True that Trippier was bad, and very bad but Toby should have done better. I have to question Poch a bit today as well. When Burnley for the last ten minutes started to make us nervous there was a distinct plan to expose our right side. To see out the game why not put Dier at right back and give Sanchez his debut in the middle and get no defense Trippier off. The signs were there!! Eriksen should have been of well before then and trippier too.

  3. Unfortunately Spurs have a curse. Spurs are and will be the same old Spurs – lethargic , slow , back passing, no passion, no urgency, no desire , all the possible negatives! The whole lot are to blame. When there is lack of power, accuracy or attempts at goal, what do you expect? They start and move so slowly as it is their GOD_GIVEN right to eventually win that even the smallest of the opponents can read their moves. It’s team that will finish in the bottom half, never win anything and players and managers leave. A curse. Can you picture the CRUSHING defeats in CL?? Yes, agree POSH has to answer many Q’s. Why doesn’t he get off his ass and ask the team to take control? Control means NOTHING!!! Scoring GOALS is what counts and more so the Goal Diffrernce! Too much to go on but Simply it is the SAME OLD SPURS!! Dreams over/

  4. 1-0 up 2mins to play why was we still pushing forward trying to score instead of seeing the game out very poor from Tripps and Toby SHAMBLES


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