FIFA has decided to open disciplinary proceedings against Dele Alli after the Tottenham midfielder raised his middle finger during England’s 2-1 win over Slovakia at Wembley last weekend.

Initially Alli was believed to have directed the gesture towards referee Clement Turpin. But Alli later revealed it was a joke between himself and former Spurs defender Kyle Walker.

Mauricio Pochettino defended his player, suggesting Alli was unfortunate to be caught on camera.

According to the BBC, FIFA isn’t expected to deal with the case “until late September at the earliest.”

Talk about making something out of nothing. Hopefully Alli receives a slap on the wrist and then we can all move on with our lives.




  1. We have the only press in the World who would help and try to get their best players suspended in a competition, especially that absolute twat Samuels of the Daily Mail!
    I mean the French really supported Ireland over Henrys handball didn’t they?


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