Mauricio Pochettino has revealed Tottenham are focusing on the Premier League and Champions League this season rather than the domestic cups.

The Argentine was speaking in a press conference ahead of Spurs’ League Cup clash with Barnsley at Wembley.

“I would love to win the Carabao Cup or the FA Cup for our fans,” he said, “but Tottenham must build a project with the possibility to fight for Champions League or Premier League.

“Sorry, first of all the Premier League and then the Champions League. If we are going to try to win Carabao Cup or FA Cup, and forget the Premier League or Champions [League], it’s a big mistake.

“I think what it means for a big team to win trophies is to win the Premier League or Champions League. There are a lot of examples: in my second season at Southampton, Wigan won FA Cup. Where is Wigan today, with all my respect? League One. That is the most important example.

“Of course I would like to win trophies, but first of all we’ll fight for the Premier League or the Champions League.” (Quotes via ESPN.)

What do you think? Should Spurs be prioritising success in the Premier League and Champions League? Or is that unrealistic?



  1. He is right, but it doesn’t mean we should throw the others away. Our squad is good enough to mix-n-match and have two capable teams instead of all the best players in one team and the weaker players in the other.


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