Harry Winks has revealed the atmosphere at Wembley doesn’t compare to White Hart Lane.

The midfielder was speaking after Tottenham’s 1-0 win over Barnsley in the EFL Cup on Wednesday.

When asked about the lack of atmosphere, he said: “It’s just the size of the stadium.”

The 21-year-old added: “It’s difficult to really get that same atmosphere that you got at White Hart Lane or if you have a full stadium here.

“But the fans are always excellent and they were brilliant in getting us over the line.”

An attendance of 23,926, just under the figures from last season’s third round tie against Gillingam at White Hart Lane, obviously played a part in the lack of noise. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

More importantly, Winks completed 90 minutes for the first time this season in the win over Barnsley, which bodes well for Spurs’ busy schedule.



  1. Absolutely agree, the atmosphere at Wembley is shite no matter who is playing there.
    The lack of ability to build an atmosphere and the seemingly blasè attitude of most of our fans when at Wembley (there is a reason that the club felt the need to feed the fans noise through the PA system at one game) is a problem.
    However… The players shouldn’t use this as an excuse for their pathetic performances there.

  2. Spot on, but like it or lump it we are here for the rest of the season. Now do we lie down and roll over as fans or do we step up, put the effort in and prove everyone wrong. Chicken and Egg situation here will the players perform better the louder we are or do we wait for them to get us going before we wake up!! How many times have we heard at interviews that they feed off the energy we give them. I believe we make our own atmosphere just as we make our own destiny. COMEON YOU SPURS FANS SHOW THEM WHAT WE’RE MADE OF – OR WE WILL BE EMBARASSED WHEN THE EUROPEAN FANS COME CALLING.

  3. In reply to future of league cup. Make it between all English & Scottish clubs. Merge with their league cup. Bit more kudos Could segregate til 1/4 finals


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