Kyle Walker has been discussing the difference between training under Pep Guardiola and Mauricio Pochettino.

The former Tottenham defender joined Manchester City for a fee of around £50 million in the summer.

In an interview with the Times, Walker revealed that his current manager does things slightly differently to his former one.

The article is behind a paywall but Spurs journalist Ben Pearce tweeted out the key details, including this one…

Pochettino is obviously trying to build a big, physical side, but Tottenham are also very well set up and good in possession, so it’s interesting to hear they spend less time on the technical aspects than Manchester City.

Walker’s comments are perhaps an indication of why he wanted to leave Spurs – there were murmurings that he wasn’t fit enough to play more than one game a week, even if Pochettino denied those claims.

You can read what else Walker had to say about Tottenham here.




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