This morning I’ve seen lots of Tottenham fans worrying about Harry Kane.

Asked if he would consider a move abroad, the striker said: “I would never say no or yes. You’d not rule out anything.

“It’s not something I definitely want to do, but you never rule anything out. I’m very happy here (at Tottenham), but we’ll see what happens.”

A few of reasons why you shouldn’t worry…

Kane was asked about potentially playing abroad one day and he gave a diplomatic answer, as any footballer would.

I can’t think of a single footballer who would respond with: “No, I’m absolutely staying where I am for the rest of my career.”

Kane insisted he is “very happy” at Spurs. He isn’t actively pursuing a move and the club won’t even enter discussions about selling him.

A player of Kane’s quality is going to be consistently linked with Europe’s biggest and best clubs – it’s something Tottenham fans will have to get used to.

There is no guarantee the 24-year-old will stay with Spurs for the rest of career, but he has demonstrated his loyalty in the past and he is a pivotal part of the current set-up, so let’s enjoy him and stop worrying.

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  1. I remember watching my favourite ever player Greavsie run down the tunnel for the last time in his testimonial match and after that “everything’s pork”
    If we can keep Harry, Gawd bless ‘im, for a couple of years into the new stadium and the get £250m for him it’s fair do’s all round.
    If he goes tomorrow then spend £50m on that 28 year old striker Aubamyang from Borussia and get a life!
    With that new White Hart Lane etc we will hold our current status at least!
    as dear old Danny Bhoyo said “The games is all about glory” or something like that. In my opinion that can be A moment, A match and sometimes A season.

  2. As long as pochetino doesn’t go I don’t think any of our top players will do either
    We need top four this season and as long as Nike hart lane is finished in time for next season the trophies will follow and they can all double their wages.


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