Sir Alex Ferguson came close to becoming Tottenham manager before he joined Manchester United, according to former Spurs chairman Irving Scholar.

Scholar joined Tottenham in 1982 and tried to appoint Ferguson as a replacement for outgoing manager Keith Burkinshaw.

“The truth was that I had been talking to and negotiating with Alex Ferguson about a deal,” said Scholar. “He and I had had very long and detailed discussions.

“We went on and on and on, discussions, negotiations, down to the minutiae of the contract.

“As you know, unfortunately, he didn’t keep to it (the agreement). He never told me why.

“I had my own theories but it doesn’t matter anymore. It was a disappointment. He stayed at Aberdeen for another two years.” (Quotes via Sky Sports.)

Ferguson eventually took the Manchester United job in in 1986, going on to win 13 Premier League titles and five FA Cups.

Who knows how things would have turned out for both clubs had Ferguson joined Spurs?





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