Real Madrid are willing to offer Karim Benzema in part-exchange for Tottenham striker Harry Kane, according to reports in Spain.

Spanish outlet El Gol (via Sky Sports) believes Madrid could offer in excess of £100 million plus Benzema, or just a straight fee of £180 million.

We’re likely to see a number of stories like this coming out of Spain as long as Kane keeps up his current form. The press are merely coming up with new ways to write gossip stories about Madrid’s interest in the 24-year-old.

The Times recently reported Spurs wouldn’t consider selling Kane for any less than £200 million. Regardless, Tottenham are apparently unwilling to enter discussions with any club over the sale of the striker, so the fans needn’t worry for now.



  1. As a 33 year old central midfielder around the start of next season, Modric will not have long left in the game and will be very much in the twilight of his career. Bale is plagued with injuries nowadays to the extent that he only scored 9 goals last season. The most he’s ever scored in a season was 26, the year he left us. Interest in either would be purely sentimental.

    At Madrid Ive always liked Isco and James Rodriguez (currently on loan at Bayern), but the reality is that Madrid don’t actually have any players we would want as a makeweight. If you look at Sanchez and Ozil at Arsenal, their signings were well celebrated and drew much excitement but they clearly think they are too good for the club and I’m not sure that’s what Tottenham need for this project. Pochettino showed no interest in Di Maria at the summer whe he was put forward by PSG, due to his high wages etc.

  2. Sounds like Perez should be moving vehicles onto the pitch and running a used car lot. Any interest in acquiring Kane would need to be accompanied by a world record offer at least 50% higher than Neymar in order to even be looked at. Tottenham will not be interested in used goods from RM as part of the deal – not corner flags, not vending machines, not players who are over the hill.

  3. don’t dream about Harry Kane coming to real Madrid now… after playing 1 or 2 season in tottenham new stadium then only he will be thinking for leaving tottenham… for staying these years and making tottenham fans extremely happy. as a reward for Harry Kane we tottenham fans will allows him to leave if he wants to join Real Madrid..

    after getting into new stadium tottenham must give Harry Kane a huge release clause of 500 million.

    Ronaldo signed a new contract at Real
    Madrid in November of 2016, his release
    clause was set at a massive €1 billion. That
    deal will run until the summer of 2021.

    Much like Ronaldo, Bale’s release clause was
    bumped up when he signed a new contract
    late in 2016.

    then tottenham must give Harry Kane a huge release clause of 500 million Atleast..

    he is worth 500 million and release clause for tottenham fans… i say..

    in my opinion tottenham must do this..
    this is the money making techniques of giant clubs.. neymar release clause was 222 million and psg give barca 222 million..

    Harry Kane is tottenham’s messi…

    i want psg or ac milan or inter milan to come for Harry Kane buy , with release clause of 500 million.. after 2 years only we tottenham fans will think of sale.. tottenham too must be like that.. dear levy and pochetino.. don’t ignore this.. make tottenham a little real Madrid.


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