Ross Barkley is “expected” to join Tottenham in January, according to The Times.

The Everton midfielder is out of contract at the end of the season and very nearly left Goodison Park on deadline day.

It is believed Barkley pulled out of a last minute deal to join Chelsea as he wants to assess his options in January.

The 23-year-old had been heavily linked with Spurs, and Mauricio Pochettino is expected to move for him again after Christmas.

Although there’s a good chance this will happen, I don’t think we can be 100% sure from one article in The Times.

The story is about Ronald Koeman’s failings at Everton – it’s not a specific report on Barkley joining Tottenham.

That said, the fact he rejected Chelsea suggests Spurs’ interest is real. Of course, there’s a good chance Everton will try to keep him given their current form.

I expect this story will intensify as January approaches. Until then, it’s a tad speculative to say a deal is done.



  1. When a player has not had a competitive game for months then buying him is a gambol.
    He also had an injury so how long would he wait and who would he replace.
    We need a strong captain on the field who can motivate the players. If as we saw against West Ham
    The players could NOT raise their game when needed.
    Could the Spurs players have been motivated by Dave McKay if he playing alongside them.! YES they would have been too scared not to let him down.
    So, if Harry Kane is not playing perhaps we should look at Dier and give him the authority to shout and lead the team.
    As much as I would like to think we will learn from last night I’m not too hopeful. Pochetino has no plan B or C brings on players who he wanted to rest far too late they were not even warmed up before it was all over. He has a great deal still to learn as a manager when it comes to tactics.
    Plus just how the fans feel about losing to West Ham.
    It would have been better to play our youngsters and given them a chance of playing at Wembley at
    Least they would have tried harder and had an experience to look back on. Another faux pas by Pochetino. Especially if the result was the same so he has learnt nothing by his team selection and substations.
    And, whilst I’m on about his lack of preparation what about practicing our own corners and take a leaf out of West Ham’s approach on how to head goals. I cannot remember Whe we last score a great headed goal from a corner. Apart from Kane let’s encourage our team to shoot more from outside the penalty area. Asked Dembele why he beats players with ease gets to the penalty area and Stops and passes the ball. He can shoot look at the goal against Young Boys Berne!

    As for variations on free kicks something that’s missing have a good look at old footage show Danny Blanchflower. In those days the ball was heavier but could still be kicked where they wanted it to go.
    Perhaps they practiced it on the training ground Mr Pochetino!

  2. bragging rights for this particular cup carry few kudos — but very disappointing to see the much improved performer moussa sissoka showing so little appetite to track back


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