In Europe’s top five leagues, only Manchester City have a more valuable squad than Tottenham.

That’s according to the findings of researchers from the CIES Football Observatory (via Yahoo), who have determined the aggregate transfer values of each player at each team.

CIES suggests Spurs’ squad is worth €1.173 billion, one of only four clubs with squads valued over €1bn alongside Manchester City (€1.196bn), Barcelona (€1.130bn) and Chelsea (€1.044bn).

The findings claim Harry Kane is Tottenham’s most valuable player, worth €186m.

I’m not quite sure how those values work, though. For example, Lionel Messi isn’t deemed Barcelona’s most valuable player. Instead it’s Luis Suarez at €134m.

Regardless, it’s clear Spurs have built an immensely valuable squad by spending very little compared to the others at the top of the list.



  1. Spurs n Mr Levy was patient..not d rich god father types..who wants instant success.
    Spurs is now like brother-hood team..who play for each other..bonding.
    Come on ye Spurs.


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