Earlier this year, Danny Rose explained why his Tottenham teammates call him “the gaffer’s son.”

“I’m in the gaffer’s office quite a bit,” said Rose. “He’s normally telling me off! Over the last few years, I’ve created a great relationship with the manager and I speak to him quite a lot.”

Things have changed a bit since then following the controversial interview Rose gave earlier this year in which he appeared to criticise the club.

Some are constantly looking for ways to exaggerate the reputed deteriorating relationship between Rose and Mauricio Pochettino.

For example, when Rose strode towards the changing rooms to receive treatment after a clash on heads with an APOEL player on Wednesday, there were suggestions he had been involved in a disagreement with his manager on the sidelines.

Pochettino apparently told Rose: “You’re going off.” But as the video below demonstrates, the Spurs boss was very keen to check on the left-back after the game. It appears Rose is still very much “the gaffer’s son.”



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