Mauricio Pochettino has played down concerns over Tottenham’s record in away games against the Premier League’s top sides.

Saturday marked Pochettino’s 11th defeat in 18 visits to the so-called ‘big six’. But the Spurs boss has suggested the focus should be on the team’s final position in the table.

“I think we play 19 teams in the Premier League, no? You see me concerned?,” he asked reporters after the game. (Quotes via ESPN.)

“I’m not really, no. It’s about how you finish in the league and position in the table.

“Last season, we were above Manchester City in the table. This season we are below. Maybe we need to improve our results not only away from home but at home.

“The expectation was massive during the season but, yes, we struggled maybe with different competitions. But in the Champions League we are doing fantastic.

“In the Premier League we are not in the position we wanted, but we are fighting for the top four.

“That is football. The reality was 4-1, they won, they were better and I think they are doing fantastic.

“One team can win the Premier League and, if you are second, third or fourth and going to play the Champions League, it doesn’t matter if you are one point or 20 points away. At the end, it’s about the place in the table.

“I think you cannot measure the difference between points. If you finish second it’s the same to finish one point or 20 points behind.

“They [City] are doing so well, they are performing, and for many clubs it will hurt a lot because the gap is massive.

“But I think we are doing a fantastic job in last few seasons and the team is doing what it needs to do — learn, improve, step by step, to one day try to be in the place that Manchester City are in today.”



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