Mauricio Pochettino has talked up Harry Kane’s chances of spending his entire career at Tottenham.

Kane, who is reportedly being targeted by Real Madrid, scored twice in Tottenham’s 3-0 FA Cup victory over AFC Wimbledon at Wembley on Sunday.

After the game, Pochettino told reporters Spurs must manage their talisman in the right way.

“I told him only a few special players can spend all their career in one club,” said Pochettino. (Quotes via the BBC.)

“I think Harry is this type of a player who can stay all his career at Tottenham because he loves Tottenham and has always been at Tottenham, but in football you cannot be sure.

“We need to be clever how we manage him. The player needs to choose to stay here, you cannot force the player to stay here. Our job is to try to work together and try to achieve everything we want at the club.”

It sort of goes with out saying, but I think Kane’s future will depend on the club’s capacity to stay in the top four and challenge for trophies on a consistent basis.



  1. Perhaps Pochettino should learn to keep his mouth shut instead of playing into the hands of the media with his innocent/naive answers to questions posed by the harpies in the press. The man is only making a rod for his own back and consternation for the supporters by his stupid answers which helps to fan the flames. Why doesn’t he just tell the press to politely put their persistent questions about Kane’s availability where the sun doesn’t shine.

  2. I agree with much of what you say, Ray, but there is a great deal of media-space to fill and so bogus ‘talking points’ and hollow controversies get conjured up. Snide presenters depend on phone calls from listeners to make programmes that seem to have had little preparation—so little that they often stand-in for each other— and piggyback on those who fall for the patter and ring-in to express points that can be twisted with ease by the party in control of the studio microphone. I am so proud of the army of Spurs-supporting listeners who daily refuse to take the troll-bait and so force co-presenters to blather inanely like trolls caught at it.

    Pochettino is only one of the football-people who by sponsor-agreement have to be available to the media with the latter’s agenda taking the lead. Hence the multitude of ‘stories’ about nothing, when at most clubs most of the time nothing out of the ordinary happens. But the danger for Poch is that with enough comments made to media, he becomes as boring as was Harry Redknapp who would comment on anything and everything, which made his eventual departure from Spurs a blessed relief. I’d hate to see that happen to Poch who is proving to be so good for Spurs and who with his staff can attract excellent players whether from the club academy or signed-in from other clubs.


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