Who do you think Tottenham’s best player is? Goal machine Harry Kane? Creator-in-chief Christian Eriksen? You might be surprised what the players themselves think…

Soccer AM have put together a compilation of Spurs stars answering the question: who is the best player at the club?

Without fail, every player they asked gave the same answer: Mousa Dembele.

Dele Alli, Eric Dier, Victor Wanyama, Danny Rose and Harry Winks all waxed lyrical about Dembele, trying to explain just how good he is.

The Belgian’s recent magnificent performances have backed up his teammates’ words. You can watch those answers below.

Do you agree with the Tottenham players? Let us know in the comments.



  1. Sorry, but after six years at Spurs, during which he’s rarely troubled the opposition goalie and barely broken sweat, why has he suddenly decided to become the player we thought we were getting when we paid Fulham fifteen million back in 2012? Could it be anything to do with the transfer rumours about Chinese and Italian clubs that have been circulating lately? A move or an improved contract always seemed to galvanise Adebayor as well, I seem to remember.

  2. Poch is playing to the mans strengths. That’s it really. He suffers with slight injuries but ultimately he fits into the system Poch wants and plays it perfectly. Nothing to do with contracts.

  3. Clearly a quality player.when he has a good game, Spurs okay well. Would love to see him scoring like he did at Fulham Ns AZ Alkmar but he’s asked to play a different role at Spurs

  4. Moussa miles ahead. He is not there for goals but bossing midfield, he owns midfield it’s his Reina. And he does it with gliding ease without respect to any player. World class or not he just dribbles thru past as if it’s open field. Always so balanced with light feet. And what a quick mind that is aware of surroundings always. MD is special and he’s ours. Moo-Ouse Dem-be-Lee.


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