Tottenham have already decided to sell Toby Alderweireld this summer, according to the London Evening Standard.

Alderweireld made his first Premier League start since October in Tuesday night’s 1-1 draw at Brighton & Hove Albion.

The Belgian has missed most of the current season with a hamstring injury and the long recovery period that came with it.

However, Alderweireld’s omission from recent squads has also been put down to an ongoing contract dispute between player and club.

The Standard believes Spurs have decided to cash in on the defender this summer with no indication he is willing to sign a new deal.

Alderweireld currently earns around £50,000 a week, but is believed to have requested almost double that amount.

Tottenham are unwilling to meet his demands and will apparently sell the 29-year-old for around £50 million this summer.

As a result, Pochettino is likely to leave him out of the starting line-up for Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final against Manchester United.

Alderweireld looked fresh and focused at Brighton, but it appears Pochettino has already made up his mind on the centre-back’s future.

If true, are Spurs right to sell? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



  1. if Toby is happy with £100 grand a week,pay it.where are Spurs going to find someone as good as him without spending millions and paying in excess of £100 grand for someone who probably hasn’t played in the Premier League and would probably take a couple of seasons to settle in.

  2. Big mistake! Alderweireld and Vertonghen combo is the CB pairing to beat in the PL and Spurs (aka Levy) are being penny wise and pound foolish!

  3. No. The news has been that he wanted a minimum of £150k per week. Spurs were prepared to offer him parity with Kane and Lloris, circa £100k, but he wouldn’t accept it. Based on his ‘unreasonable’ demands, which would have torn our wage structure apart, with awful repercussions (if we’d given in) Poch/Levy simply, in turn, gave up on him. He’ll leave this summer, and let’s hope we get £50m for him. Shame, because he, Walker and Rose (another who could be leaving this summer, for £50m), along with Verts, Dier and more lately, Sanchez, formed the basis of the strongest defence in the PL. That reputation has now gone. Now, Spurs fans look through half closed fingers every time Aurier attempts a tackle (or attempts anything, for that matter). Davies and Trippier are very good, and thank goodness we’ve got them, but the back four or five, which included Rose and Alderweireld (at their best and injury free, and least distracted) and Walker, were world class for us, and allowed the team to mount waves of attacks knowing the defence would stand firm. How sad it came to this. Foyth and KWP need to make some leaps and bounds, or we bring in the best available Rose and Toby replacements. Although I can’t fault their work commitment, Aurier (and Sissoko) need to go too this summer, because players like that are NOT taking us to another level. In fact, we’ll regress further from the 2016/17 highs, if we keep them.

  4. Mr.c b Walters I couldn’t agree more. You have summed it up in a few sentences. My general view is that we are now playing with the big boys, thanks to Poch’s brilliant management. BUT we must start to pay competitive wages. Look at Bonzo off to Man City and next season wins the league, and gets his wages doubled. Who’s next, Rose, Toby? If we don’t start to be competitive on salary’s we will lose our top players, Erickson, Deli, Harry will all go next year or the year after.
    We have the best training facility in Europe and ne t year will have the best Stadium, but without the best players the whole thing will be a joke. I believe that Levi knows this and will up the wages next year, I also think that Rose is gone but am hopeful that Tony will stay.
    I really can’t believe that we have invested so much in our info structure to throw it all away by letting our best players go.

  5. No point in having a £billion stadium and losing all our top players because we won’t pay the going rate/ wages of a top 4 club.Better off staying at the lane and paying the proper wages and keeping and improving a squad that is the envy of many.!!

  6. So many blindsided fans.
    The stadium and training complex puts us on parity with other top team, something we’ve needed for year.
    The problem (although a nice problem) has been that we have over achieved in the last few seasons, with cup runs and title challenges.
    With the money the likes of City, Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal and even Liverpool have to spend in recent seasons to be even near them is a huge feat.
    The jump up the team has made in the last 5yrs under Poch whilst building the stadium too, has been massive. Levy for me has handled the finances really well, as no players is bigger than the Club.
    The next 3 seasons I don’t expect much more than a top 4 finish and an (hopefully) odd cup.
    Players come and go, it would be a massive disappointed to lose the core of this team but for the Club to be successful it has to be set up correctly from the top down, something they’ve been taking care of.
    Realistically we are challengers season after season in 2-3yrs once the finances have settled again and the club can back the manager on a level like City, Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool.

    I hope successarrives sooner but when it arrives it has to be more than a one off, and I praise the club and everyone who has worked to set us up for long term competitiveness


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