Stan Collymore has urged Liverpool to offer Tottenham £150 million for Toby Alderweireld, Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen.

Alderweireld is odds-on to leave Spurs this summer after failing to agree terms on a new contract earlier this year.

Alli and Eriksen have been linked with moves to Real Madrid and Barcelona respectively in recent months, but both players are expected to sign new deals in the near future.

After narrowly missing out on Champions League glory against Real Madrid last week, Liverpool are expected to back manager Jurgen Klopp in the summer transfer window to increase their chances of silverware next season.

And former Reds player Collymore thinks the Merseysiders should attempt to sign three of Tottenham’s best players.

“By reaching two European finals in three seasons, Klopp has shown he can manage,” he wrote in his column for the Mirror.

“And now FSG have to demonstrate their commitment too by using the £75m-plus generated by this run and back their man in the transfer market.

“I am NOT talking about signing the likes of Andy Robertson – as good as he has been.

“I AM talking about wandering into White Hart Lane, plonking £150m on the table in front of Daniel Levy and saying: ‘I’ll give you that for Christian Eriksen, Toby Alderweireld and Dele Alli.’

It’s rather baffling to suggest Spurs would entertain an offer of £150m for those three players.

Tottenham probably value Eriksen and Alli at at least £100m each – perhaps even closer to the £150m-mark.

Regardless of their valuations, it’s highly unlikely Spurs will listen to any offers for the duo this summer.

Alderweireld is a different story, but even he is likely to cost around £75m – and I don’t think Tottenham would be willing to do business with Liverpool anyway.



  1. Haha why would ANYONE leave a team that beat both ECL finalists convincingly for one that flopped against Real Madrid?

  2. I don’t get the Toby thing. Not a penny less than 75 million or mr Levy has made a right cock up. The top four all know he is the best centre back in Europe, and the days of these clubs bullying spurs is long gone.

  3. Collymore has been smoking something if he believes that 150M is anywhere near enough for those 3 players! What a doofus.

  4. someone wrote on Ftbl365 that if Klopp walked into WHL and put 150 mill on the table, Levy would smile while rubbing his hands together and Klopp would leave with Sissoko…which I thought was funny

  5. Agree with all these comments, but on evidence of Saturday night Liverpool would be looking at Hugo surely as GK is their biggest need not attacking midfielders.

    Maybe Collymore is growing something in those woods he likes to frequent.

  6. Its not the first time hes come out with comments like these…and hes paid journalist money for it too. Comedy in motion…its something stronger than what hes capable of growing in his back garden!

  7. 150 million behave your self you lady beater go back to your hole .by the the way that hole is probably a young boy or a mps.c.o.y.s

  8. Those 3 players would be closer to £275M and like we would sell them to Liverpool. Collymore needs to stick to stuff that he is good at, drinking, beating up women and coke (not cola!) One of the worse articles ever.

  9. why do these Liverpool idiots think they can come along and steal spurs stars as usual they are dreamers
    they have been criticising spurs and harry for months and got paid back by a spurs legend gareth bale if they have 500mil we might let them sign sissoko


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