Tottenham will not re-sign Gareth Bale from Real Madrid this summer, according to the BBC.

Bale joined Madrid in 2013 for a then-record fee of £85 million following a staggering final season with Spurs in which he scored 26 goals in all competitions.

He has since gone on to win La Liga and four Champions League titles in five years, playing a starring role in last week’s final against Liverpool with a glorious overhead kick.

After the game, Bale hinted he will leave Madrid this summer in a bid to play more first-team football.

The Welshman has long been linked with a return to the Premier League, with Manchester United said to be chief among his suitors.

The tabloid press in Spain has repeatedly mooted a potential return to Tottenham, something the majority of Spurs fans would like to see happen.

However, the BBC has dismissed the chances of that happening.

Their report claims Spurs inserted a buy-back clause into Bale’s contract that means they will be offered the opportunity to match any accepted bid from a Premier League club.

But the 28-year-old’s £400,000-a-week salary makes a return to Tottenham unrealistic, regardless of whether they agree a fee with Madrid.

The news is a shame, but not exactly a surprise – Spurs will continue to target more affordable targets.



  1. Forget Bale, it’s not going to happen, 3 reasons why its a bad idea are, the cost of the transfer, his wages and if he signed he would unsettle the family like feeling the team have, according to Alli and Vertonghen they both say how good the team spirit is and that would surely be affected by the signing of Bale.

    • Tony, you are making assumptions without any foundation. Whilst Bale’s salary is a problem, his transfer fee is not. Both the Club and the players would be well aware he has earnt the ight to be a marquee player. He is, by all accounts, a feet firmly on the ground feller and is widely liked and respected both as a person and as a team man.
      He would bring a powerful chance of winning the League and suggesting his salary would cause ill-feeling shows you have little knowledge or experience of team spirit.
      Having said all that, I suspect our odds of him signing are about the same as being struck by lightning whilst receiving a knighthood.

      • @chazza id have to agree with tony, because despite the fact hes a great player and deserves that much, it would unsettle the dressing room. Is he a better player than kane? I dont think so. I know who id rather have. So think of what message that would send to kane and others. It would be foolish to pursue him

        • im with you there Duane this could cause so many problems with the team just a total car crash really great as Bale is we must look forwards that was yesterday IMO


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