Gareth Bale would be “very open” to returning to Tottenham this summer and would be willing to accept a pay-cut to re-join the Londoners, according to the Independent.

The Welshman joined Real Madrid from Spurs in the summer of 2013 for a then-record fee of £85 million – he has won La Liga and four Champions League titles in five seasons since moving to Spain.

Despite his success, Bale has been linked with a return to England ever since he joined Madrid, with Manchester United often being mooted as his most likely destination.

Reports earlier this week suggested Tottenham’s chances of re-signing Bale this summer are slim because of the 28-year-old’s huge salary.

However, the Independent now claims Bale would be interested in returning to Spurs – he’d even be willing to relax his financial demands in order play for his former club once again.

If true, the news will be music to the ears of most Tottenham fans, who are longing for the return of one of the best players in the club’s modern era.

However, there is a good chance the report is merely speculating about Bale’s next destination following his stunning display in last week’s Champions League final.



  1. Unless players are shipped out talk of bringing players in is meaningless. Lamela, Llorent and Sissoko are not first team PL players, regardless of any little cameos they may have performed. In my view they are not good enough to be squad players – we have better youngsters. The challenge is you cannot just get rid of players. Levy will not add to the wage bill without some shits and some planning. If the three mentioned above do not want to go there is nothing anyone can do. I doubt anyone would want them. The likely scenario is we keep the dead weights and get rid of players that we want to keep.

      • He may have. Unfortunately he shows little evidence of it. Very few goals. Very few assists. Keeps giving the ball away through fouls, poor passing or simply losing it. An attacking midfielder needs to score goals and provide assists. He does neither. If he is not supposed to be an attacking midfielder, I have no idea what his job is. I don’t think his team mates do either.

  2. I loved Bale when he was at Spurs, but we are a much different club now. We don’t have room for someone who isn’t willing to give 100% for the team. Bale simply doesn’t fit the profile of this new regime.

      • Perhaps instead of trolling others who have made thoughtful comments, you might provide some of your own, ideally supported by some evidence. If all you can do is tell others they are wrong, it is not a great contribution.

  3. Yeah not too keen on him back for different reasons.
    Good blog this, unlike that Nancy (the) boy Notspur one.
    Anyway if Bale does come back it will be interesting, though I just cannot see it.

  4. Bale back would be amazing. He is probably the only player that ive known to actually outgrow our club. I was sad to see him got to Madrid but I understand why. You can truly say that the clube has now caught up thanks to all the hard work of players and staff and having good stable management driving the club forward in the right direction.
    We are now competing at the top and Gareth wants to come home, I wuld even pick him up from the airport to get him back to spurs. Please let this happen. Bale and Kane together would be awesome.

  5. I agree that I would like to see Bale back at Spurs. I just don’t see him taking the sort of paycut from the 400 to 600K/week I read about him being paid currently at RM. I also just don’t see Spurs paying even the 50 odd million that was first being bandied about for Bale’s transfer (especially at almost 29 years old) let alone the 200+ that RM seem to be talking about after the CL final and his goals there OR a salary over the 100/week.


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