Former Tottenham defender Younes Kaboul has accused Mauricio Pochettino of being two-faced during the time the pair spent together in north London.

Upon his arrival at Spurs in the summer of 2014, Pochettino made Kaboul captain. But their relationship soon waned and Kaboul was dropped from the starting line-up.

The Frenchman has criticised Pochettino in the past, claiming the ex-Southampton boss promised him regular minutes but didn’t deliver them.

And now, speaking to France Football (via Football365), Kaboul has blasted Pochettino once again.

“The one where things didn’t go well was Pochettino,” he said. “On the field, nothing to say, very good manager, with a philosophy and a style of play that works.

“Personally, it’s the opposite. He’s two-faced. He would say things to you and did the complete opposite behind your back. I didn’t like that, and I told him. That’s all.”

Obviously it’s difficult to judge the validity of Kaboul’s latest comments without access to the behind-the-scenes happenings at the club.

But many Tottenham fans will take Pochettino’s side on the issue given that Kaboul’s performances were way below-par at the time.

Kaboul’s best days were behind him and it was clear to all concerned his time at Spurs was coming to an end.

The 32-year-old now plays for Watford but has struggled with injuries over recent seasons.

Following their 2-1 win at Newcastle United on Saturday, Tottenham will face Fulham at Wembley this weekend.



  1. It’s a pity you weren’t two footed then maybe you would still be at Spurs. Players run to him during the game, I think any fault lies on your side.

  2. I think his comments are fair. Kaboul is saying that the manager’s actions did not match what he told him in private.

    This happens. Coaches do not like to over criticise their players and try tbe tactic of upbeat encouragement. Sometimes they fear a player could not take ‘,negative’ comments.
    This seems the story here.

  3. I’m struggling to find one positive story at this site. It’s clearly an ANTI SPURS site and supporters should go elsewhere for their news and views. I AM.


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