Mauricio Pochettino says “everyone is going to realise Tottenham is a massive club” when the Londoners move into their new stadium.

In a press conference on Tuesday, the Spurs boss revealed he is “confident” his team will be playing at the new White Hart Lane-based arena before the end of the year.

Tottenham were originally supposed to move into their new ground for the 2-1 defeat to Liverpool on September 15th but the match was eventually switched to Wembley, as were many others.

There has been plenty of confusion surrounding the readiness of the stadium, particularly for fans who have paid premium prices for season tickets and still don’t know if they will be watching Spurs at the intended venue this term.

But Pochettino believes once the move is complete, the club will be looked at differently by outsiders.

“This club is a massive,” Pochettino said (via the London Evening Standard). “We only need to believe, trust in ourselves and feel that we are a big club. And of course, that belief will be massive when we finish the new stadium.

“Everyone is going to realise Tottenham is a massive club. We have an unbelievable, a big fanbase behind us. We need to feel that we’re big. Until we feel that, it’s difficult to win trophies. And that’s why I think the stadium will be a big boost for everyone to try to believe now we can add trophies to our cabinet.

“I think you need to feel you’re big and I’m sure the new stadium is going to help us. We’re in a massive club but for everyone it will be a fantastic boost to say ‘come on, we have amazing facilities, maybe the best in Europe or the world and now we need to win.’ Not like winning now but no more excuses not to win [trophies]!”

Spurs are yet to win a trophy since Pochettino arrived from Southampton in the summer of 2014 but there is a feeling they are on the verge of silverware, and the Argentinian clearly feels the club is close to achieving its goals.




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