Mauricio Pochettino has said Tottenham are “so excited” about the prospect of moving into their new stadium in January but admits it may be delayed until February.

Earlier this month, the club confirmed the rest of 2018’s home matches will be played at Wembley as construction delays continue at the White Hart Lane-based stadium.

Spurs had initially expected to be playing at their new home in September, but safety concerns have repeatedly delayed the move.

Asked about when he expects the team to be playing at the new stadium during his press conference on Thursday, Pochettino admitted it could be February.

“We are so excited, we cannot wait to move there,” said the Argentinian (via Reuters).

“We understand that it is a fantastic project for the future of the club that will be forever. To wait maybe one or two months more, we need to have patience.

“We are so disappointed because we expected to play in 2018… but that is not going to be possible and we need to wish and hope that in January or February we can move there and it will be a fantastic moment for everyone… It will be a massive boost.”

Tottenham have generally done well at Wembley since leaving White Hart Lane, although they have lost three matches at the national stadium so far this season against Liverpool, Barcelona and Manchester City respectively.

The sooner they move into the new stadium, the better, if only to appease the the club’s frustrated supporters and ease the transition.

Spurs face Chelsea at Wembley this weekend – check out our predicted XI here.



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