Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy will seek outside investment to back Mauricio Pochettino in future transfer windows amid reported interest from Manchester United, according to the Telegraph.

It is also believed Levy will convince Pochettino to resist United by reminding him of the control he currently has at Spurs.

Pochettino has been heavily with the United job after the Red Devils sacked Jose Mourinho on Tuesday. Ole Gunnar Solksjaer has been appointed caretaker manager but Pochettino is said to be United’s first choice in the long term.

In fact, the Telegraph claims Pochettino is the only name on United’s list, and the Red Devils are willing to pay a world-record £40 million fee to pay him out of his contract.

However, it is believed it may cost even more than that because there is no release clause included in the new deal Pochettino signed over the summer.

Earlier this week, the Argentinian claimed Tottenham have no money to spend on new players in the January transfer window, but Levy may need to change that to keep Pochettino happy.

The former Southampton boss has plenty of control at Spurs since his role changed from ‘head coach’ to ‘manager’, and Levy will apparently tell Pochettino he may not receive that degree of control at Old Trafford.



  1. I’ve been a Spurs fan since the days of Tommy Harmer. The Glory Years are now sadly ancient history. By contrast Sir Alex created a dynasty and a legacy that will cast a long shadow over any future manager whatever they achieve. Mauricio has a unique opportunity here at Spurs. He can create a legacy for himself just like Sir Alex did at Man U. We are a club brimming with ambition and potential and a club that mirrors his philosophy of giving youth a chance. The grass is rarely greener. I would urge our manager to stay and establish a dynasty at Tottenham. I really believe the Man U’s and Real Madrid’s of this world fear what Mauricio and Spurs can create together.

  2. Football pundits, experts even supporters are misled easily by misconceptions and constant repeated rhetoric.I keep hearing Man.Utd are the biggest, greatest club in the world. Really ? How do you currently measure that. They certainly were Once. Have they got the best Stadium in the world, NO. Have they the best team in the world, or even England, NO. Are they the best run club in the world as a football club, NO. What they are and all they are is a huge Commercial Operation. Owned by Glaziers who never see them and only have money interest, no more, no less. Sell lots of shirts, yes. Mostly because of the support they got and continued since the Munich disaster 1958. Best supporters in the world, NO. Most of their fans never even been to Old Trafford. On the other hand, SPURS are ticking Yes to most of those boxes. Poch would be taking a huge gamble to think about ManUtd. I rather think his loyalty for the next 5yrs at least has been earmarked for New WHITE HART LANE. The fact is ManUtd quite simply are not that great anymore, inspite of over-saturation coverage by obsessed media. COYS.

  3. I would like him to see the “woods for the trees”. His opportunities with Hotspurs is immense. All he needs to do is work WITH & not work FOR club.
    He needs to sow the seeds now where harvest can be plentiful with a secured future for himself & the club.

  4. Poch has done a fantastic job so far. But he surely wants to improve the teams performance yet further. The time is coming soon where to achieve this ambition then collecting the extra talent to genuinely improve what we have already got WILL take money. Or perhaps just outstanding luck. Dele for example, his cost was a snip. But without luck striking twice, or thrice, then players of that ability are rare and WILL COST. There is little point buying just average Jo`s even if they are comparatively cheap. Bench warmers, squad players are the ones difficult to manage. Just look at Jansen, fed up or what. Winksy is an example of what might be coming through in the academy. Only Poch and his team know who else might make a true superstar? Mr Levy please, please secure the finance quickly, then this rocket can really take off to somewhere special. rather than simply maintain an orbit. Daniel, PRESS THE BUTTON LETS GO !!


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