Mauricio Pochettino has explained the difference between Tottenham, Manchester City and Liverpool, suggesting the two sides above Spurs in the Premier League have a spending power the Londoners can’t match.

Tottenham failed to make a single signing last summer and time is running out for the club to recruit new players in the current transfer window.

In an interview with ESPN, Pochettino explained that Liverpool are able to go out and buy the likes of Virgil van Dijk and Alisson when they need a centre-back and goalkeeper, while Spurs must look at cheaper options to fill gaps. Watch below.



  1. I think people delusional, unless you can spen millions you are not winning the premier League . Yes I know Leicester won it but that was a fluke when was the last time that was done.what Spurs have done on the budget they have is incredible and they don’t get enough credit.
    Honestly some of these so called pundits are talk crap

  2. Pochettino is not the finished article himself, and he regularly makes mistakes in team selection. The difference between Spurs and Real? Pochettino wouldn’t last very long at Real or Barca – a run like Spurs have just had, going out of both cups in one week, and his head would be on the block.


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