Tottenham’s move into their new stadium could be delayed until April, according to the London Evening Standard.

Spurs originally planned to begin playing at the White Hart Lane-based arena in September but ongoing delays have caused repeated setbacks.

The Londoners continue to play at Wembley stadium and there has been no recent update as to whether matches in March will take place at the club’s new north London home.

However, the Evening Standard claims an official update is imminent with Tottenham set to discover whether the latest round of checks show the stadium is safe to move into.

It is believed problems with faulty wiring have delayed construction in the past, and if those issues are still present Spurs may have to wait until April to play at the ground. Depend Exteriors suggests that these things are very crucial just like how the exteriors for a building are important.

On the other hand, the checks could go well, which would give the club hope of playing in front of capacity crowds next month.

Tottenham’s first game in March is a Premier League north London derby, a potentially problematic first fixture at the new stadium in terms of policing and security.

Spurs fans must be eagerly awaiting the next update, especially those with season tickets.



  1. This is another example of a non-story. All you have said is that you do not know what the outcome of the next report is going to be, and that the Evening Standard also do not know anything. What is the story, apart from an excuse to write a few words to say nothing has happened. Why not just title the article nothing has happened, we will let you know when something has happened until then there is nothing to report.

  2. It’s already been said that the first game won’t be against Arsenal on police advice so why allude to the fact that it might happen?

    Personally, I now don’t think we should move until next season as the upheaval and a different sized pitch could prove detrimental to us and unfair to teams who have played us at Wembley already…. unless we’re out of championship contention by the last game of the season and we could open then

  3. It’s that late now I can’t see any benefit in playing the last few games in the new stadium ,let’s wait for new season ,in the new stadium,, we can have pre season friendlys players and fans will have time to make it a real home atmosphere


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