There was a sense of bewildered excitement in the 80th minute of Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League meeting with Brighton and Hove Albion on Tuesday night.

Vincent Janssen, the striker who hasn’t played a single minute for Spurs this season, stood on the sidelines ready to enter the action.

Eric Dier, who remained on the bench, was particularly excited – the midfielder looked positively giddy as Janssen waited to go on.

Janssen showed more composure in his 15-minute cameo than Fernando Llorente did all night.

In fact, we gave Llorente the equal-lowest mark in our player ratings, which you can read here.

And you can watch Dier laughing below.



  1. This is a stupid article.

    He excited because he is friends with Jannsen. He’s happy because it’s a massive moment for his friend.

    Regardless of whether you think Jannsen should or shouldn’t be playing, I don’t understand why this is such a big deal to you? Personally I think he’s not cut out for us….but his 10 minute cameo was pretty decent. 7/10 for effort and played intelligently in the last 2 minutes.


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