Dele Alli has acknowledged he could have scored more goals this season but believes his game has improved in other areas.

The Tottenham Hotspur midfielder scored seven goals and provided eight assists in 38 games across all competitions.

His season was broken up by a number of recurring muscle injuries, and his form suffered for it at times.

But Alli contributed in plenty of big matches, providing two assists in the memorable 3-2 comeback against Ajax in the Champions League semi-finals.

Speaking after England’s Nations League third place play-off victory over Switzerland, the 23-year-old have an honest assessment of his season.

“It’s been a great season for learning for me,” Alli said (via the Guardian). “It’s been the first when I’ve had muscle injuries, so that was difficult but I’ve kept working hard.

“I haven’t scored as many goals or got as many assists but other parts of my game, defensively, in possession, not just getting on the end of things and finishing chances, I think I’ve improved on that. So next season, hopefully, it will all come together and I’ll get the goals, assists and keep the other parts of my game in the build up play.”

It’s difficult to judge Alli’s campaign as a whole because of the numerous injuries he was forced to deal with.

The former MK Dons star played some of his best and worst football in a Spurs shirt, improving his maturity on the ball while also failing to score enough goals.

Spurs fans will be hoping he can stay fit and develop into an even more well-rounded player next term.

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  1. I would say he is right. Hes been injured 3 times for over 1 month each time, missing a good chunk of the season, but yet he still had a hand in like 17 goals and look at how much this season he had to play a central midfield role, due to he absence of Winks and Dembele and the poor form of Dier and Wanyama. Dele always had the potential to be the best in the world, but like Harry, it all depends on how he stays clear of injuries, and this season (admittedly coming after no real break due to the world cup) has seen Dele injured 3 prolonged periods, but so have so many others of the 9 involved in the last 2 games of the world cup. Only Toby, who didn’t play much the previous season has managed to avoid injury this past season.

    Whoever criticizes Dele is purely looking at goal and assist stats, and disregarding everything else. Any criticism on that basis is so flawed and hopefully Dele can avoid injuries next season.

  2. It’s very easy to follow the strong scent of a wafting aroma. The skill and rarity is in distinguishing the bias of your own taste buds, compared to those of someone else’s. And not following the path to the lowest hanging fruit. Forming a balanced and independent opinion, is both that rare and seldom skilled unicorn that drives these sites, forums and the newly found public arena of opinion that is modernity. I know that Eriksen , whilst skilled in some areas, being one of our own precious jewels yet, who never goes up a level against the bigger teams, or ever gets involved in battle would, unlike modric, not be enough be in a top level Madrid side. Yet, the shepherds blow their whistles and all the sheep suddenly chew on the same grass less muddy turf , walking in line without any sense of operating individually. Why would a real all round legend of a footballer such as zen Zidane look at Eriksen for something other than what he is: a slick, technically gifted baller. Nothing more. It’s easy to say dele has been shit, I’ve often felt the sane way recently, a lot. At least he’s been honest.persinal business ventures and obvious distractions aside, He’s also been great for us. Needs to go up a level if possible as his game is limited. He’s peaked and to be great, needs to raise his own ceiling of potential. That said, he doesn’t claim to be anything other than a footballer. It’s the lunatic asylum that creates frenzied responses and sets unrealistic expectations around mortals who are sold as God’s to the baying public and jousting, blood thirsty fans of the internet wastelands.

  3. I think Dele Alli has been one of our best players this season when he has played, apart from Son and Sissoko and possibly our central defenders. Look at his average rating etc. Been unfortunate with injuries and end product. But he is clever and creates a lot.
    The autumn was funny first Moura was amazing, then Alli, then Lamela before the Son show started.

  4. Dele, focus this summer to be ready for the new season, refreshed. We want you to step up from being a great player to an awesome player. You can do it. Also remember the young players coming through are watching your every move, desperately trying to emulate your achievements, set the bar high for them to aim at.


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