Tanguy Ndombele has been an instant hit since making his record-breaking move from Lyon earlier this month – but Tottenham fans won’t get a second look at their French midfielder in the space of two days.

Spurs are about to take to the field for their penultimate pre-season match in the Audi Cup final against Bayern Munich at 7.30pm, but Ndombele will play no part.

But fear not, he isn’t injured and is at the Allianz Arena training with the rest of the squad, but won’t be joining the likes of Christian Eriksen, Heung Min Son and yesterdays match winner Harry Kane on the bench.

That’s because Mauricio Pochettino is slowly integrating Ndombele into his plans and doesn’t want to risk injury, especially after he played the first-half of Tottenham’s 1-0 victory over Real Madrid just 24 hours ago.

It means that the next glimpse that Spurs fans get of their record-signing will most likely be in their final friendly of the summer against Inter Milan on Sunday, when Ndombele is likely to play for the first time at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.



  1. mauritio certainly looks and sounds unhappy —surely he must feel the love from the fans and thus whatever it takes to sort out the issues that exist between himself and the board should be addressed before they become matters that impact on the whole future of the club

    • No. We are heading into a new season with a weakened squad for the third year in succession. We have failed to build on the 2016 squad and squandered the chance to be a title winning side. It was a miracle that we scraped 4th last season.
      It’s clear from his prickly press conferences that Poch knows the game is up. Expect him to walk before Christmas.

      • Poch is a brilliant coach,Levy simply has to back him, if poch was to leave the whole situation with the team caves in Levy has to realise that.Poch gave Levy a shopping list after the champions league final.poch desperately wants Celso from betis if levy gets him in poch I think will be happy with the transfers done.

        • Lo Celso is fantasy. If that was going to happen it would have happened in June. There’s a Lo Celso every summer and not one ever got signed. When Levy moves its pretty fast and without a lot of forewarning.

      • Don’t be ridiculous. Poch is not walking, either before the start of the season, or during it. Yes, he is obviously frustrated right now, but he has a Latin temperament and sometimes blows up. Just take it with a pinch of salt and move on. I still expect Levy to deliver a couple of quality signings before the end of the transfer window and for harmony to be restored. This is hardly the first time Poch has got worked up, yet by all accounts him and Levy are still close and still working together. Just a storm in a teacup.

        • What you “expect” amounts to very little when compared to the evidence of the last three years.
          Poch has the capacity to manage a title winning side. He has made clear what he believes that requires. It’s nothing to do with being “Latin”. It’s everything to do with the employment market in top flight football.

  2. I am frustrated by the transfer market inactivity but we need to be patient. I think the above comment is probably correct. judge DL in 9 days time not now.

  3. agree gilzean levy will not change his transfer policy the board are just the same only way levy worries is when attendances drop i think if the right money is offered he will sell i think levy has this last chance to keep pooch happy if not this club will suffer with more leaving than joining lets see what levy does

  4. Look how fast Levy moved to complete the NFL franchise, that proved his idea for the new stadium is for NFL and not football.

  5. Pottechino is negative all the time,his comments in the past,winning trophies is not important,if we won the CL hes leaving,he gave the CL to liverpool by his pathetic team selection,hes a nearly man,blew the league on a couple of occasions would love to see the back of him,we will never win anything under him

  6. Gilzean – firstly, I respect all of us commenting are Spurs fans – and that binds us. I must say I agree with you that Poch (he is magic you know) has had to make bricks without straw for the last few session. He hs built his reputation by punching above our financial weight. Somewhere we (Poch and all of us) got lucky with Kane, Alli, Son, Sen, and in 2015-16 specially, Rose and Walker, Dembelle and Dier, Toby and Jan all coming good together. We should have been the EPL winners that year.
    Reality has caught up and we are bowing to the superior spending power of City, Manu, Pool – but we continue to be top 4 contenders and a cup run to Madrid of legend in the biggest theatre of them all. Lack of depth.
    But this year we are getting Lo Celso, we have Ndombele (who I am sure will be in our All time Spurs EPL team in a matter of a season or 2), and if we can retain Sen – game on. We are on the ascendant.

  7. Porch is like any other manager /player in the football world now days a mercenary he is plotting his own exit and ready to say it’s not me it’s spurs fault


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