Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Erik Lamela is having an outstanding pre-season for Tottenham.

The Argentinian looks fit and has been in superb form, playing brilliantly in victories over Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the Audi Cup.

His well-taken goal put Spurs 1-0 up against Bayern, leading to plenty of plaudits on social media.

Of course, we’ve seen this happen before. Lamela usually starts the season well before injuries take their toll midway through the campaign.

Hopefully this time around he can stay fit for the entire season. Watch his highlights against Real and Bayern below.

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  1. No! Lamela is so overrated. In a match he may make a decent run and dribble past a few players, but in the end he will lose the ball or have a terrible shot. He always cuts into the middle whenever he is supposed to be adding width and ends up crowding our own players out.

  2. In a word ‘No’! He has made some key contributions, and has done well over a short spell in games. He loses the ball way too much and is not decisive enough in the final third. Lamela is a squad player at best. After 5 or so seasons we cant keep waiting for that great season. Nothing will change. Like last year he will have some good moments but will ultimately not be be consistent.

  3. Lamela is a magnificent player, whose quick-thinking and vision rather too often > his natural one-footedness and team-mates’ abilities. He’s like Dele: does things no-one else can do or even imagine doing. Plus he battles like hell.

    He looks lean and strong. If (if) he stays fit he’ll make a massive contribution this year.

  4. So a montage of 3 passes into the box of which only one was decent and created a chance, 2 opportunities to test the goalie which were wasted, an opportunistic run into the box that resulted in a goal but only really because Nkoudou dribbled the ball down the wing and put in a sublime cross.
    The rest of the montage is just back and sideways passing, being shoved around far too easily and falling over and not a lot more. Don’t get your hopes up.

  5. I always feel that he is one step away from being sent off.He often takes unnecesary digs at opposing players and you wonder why,plus I agree with 3 of the 4 comments above.

  6. coco tenacious gives 101 per cent and would die for the shirt why don’t you negative moaners get off the lads back and appreciate him for his talent go go coco your the man .


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