Atletico Madrid would rather sign James Rodriguez than Christian Eriksen because they believe the Real Madrid playmaker is more marketable, according to the London Evening Standard.

Eriksen has just one year left on his Tottenham contract and has been linked with a move to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid before the European transfer window closes at the end of the month.

However, the Evening Standard claims Real are prioritising a move for Ajax starlet Donny van de Beek, while Atletico are focusing on their move for James.

Strangely, Atletico are thought to be pursuing James for commercial reasons rather than being attracted to what he can provide on the pitch. The Evening Standard believes the Spaniards see James as a more marketable player than Eriksen in terms of merchandising and shirt sales.

Regardless of why Atletico prefer the Colombian, it looks like Eriksen’s dream move to Spain could be just that – a dream. Barcelona are not said to be interested in the Dane, so he may end up staying at Spurs for the 2019/20 season.

Whether that means he will be prepared to sign a new contract with Tottenham remains to be seen.

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  1. Well there ya go…one of the finest players in Europe when he actually gives a s$#! and nobody wants him because he’ll be a freebie next summer. What’s he gonna do now..wait it out? Those statements wanting a bigger challenge at a top club look stupid now…Christian, if you or someone you know reads this, sign a new contract at spurs, we love ya, up your big game performances and enjoy the rest of your career at a club that’s on a steady upward curve.

  2. Come on Eriksen, sign a new contract, and become a Spurs legend, rather than one of a floating set of extras in Madrid.
    Sen, if he has even an iota of self-respect and sense of honour and loyalty, should sign a new contract with Spurs – who want him and love him – and focus on becoming a Spurs legend vying for a place in the All-time Spurs XI. He will get respect and have an identity, a place in world football, the way a Gerard had with his career in Liverpool, a Francisco Totti, Messi, Xavi or, now, a Harry Kane, though perhaps the more accurate benchmark is a Matt Le Tissier for Southampton (not a boyhood supporter, came from somewhere else, but loyal and a club legend).
    And it isn’t as if Spurs are “nowhere men” anymore. They have come places, continue to make progress under Poch, and next step is surely silverware (and not just the Audi cup). Under a great coach, they have a footballing philosophy, are a regular now in CL, had a run to the CL final which is already stuff of legends, where Sen, among others, failed to Carpe Diem and make the world stage his own, something for him to reflect on. Perhaps self introspection will tell him that there is a gap between a very good and a true great which he still has to transcend. He will surely get a generous paycheck in the 200k per week neighbourhood – but in fairness to him, Sen’s drivers have been about his own mental script of what he wants to achieve as a player and not about the money – his lack of interest in a downward sliding ManU indicating the same.
    Lets hope Poch, Levy and other well wishers like Kane and Lloris help him take the right decision. Sen firing with a point to prove with GLC and Ndombele strengthening, possible with one more big gun in Jan – and we will be in title race mix.

  3. You have got to Want to play irrespective of your wage … if not .. better on the bench.. if you play well every game other clubs will pay anything for you to get you into their side … it’s up to you .. ! Imo


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