Harry Kane believes his “dive” against Arsenal would have been given as a foul had it occurred on the halfway line.

The Tottenham star went down under a challenge from Arsenal defender Sokratis in the latter stages of Sunday’s north London derby. With the scores tied at the time, there is a good chance Kane would have put the penalty away and won the game for Spurs given he had already confidently dispatched one spot-kick.

There has been plenty of discussion around whether Kane should have been awarded a penalty. Soktratis certainly appeared to push him in the back, but Kane appeared to be waiting for the foul and clearly attempted to create contact with his legs.

After the game, the striker was adamant he didn’t dive and made an interesting point about where the challenge happened on the pitch.

“I think it was that stage of the game where he makes a tired tackle,” Kane said (via Sky Sports).

“I think if I’m on the halfway line then I get it. When you’re in the box, it’s kind of 50-50.

“The ref probably thinks I’m looking for it but all I’m trying to do is shield the ball. It is what it is – it could be given in some games but it wasn’t today. You move on.”

Strangely, Kane wasn’t actually booked for simulation despite the awarding of a free-kick to Arsenal, which suggests the referee may not have been totally confident about his call. If only there was technology in place for the officials to have another look…

For what it’s worth, I don’t think it was a penalty. But Kane’s comment about it being a foul if it occurred deeper on the pitch is certainly a valid point – or is it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. i think Kane should stop the swallow dive when he is fouled in the box just go down the little dive he does it gives the ref a slight thought is it or is it not

  2. Agree, he ought to land ‘ awkward ‘that would not put doubt in the refs head. Choreographed ‘dives, falls’ to easy to dismiss. Learn another skill Harry !

  3. How about only falling over because you don’t have any choice, like normal human beings? What Bill Nick would say about our cluster of Tom Daleys I can only imagine, but I don’t think he’d be telling Mssrs Kane, Alli and Lamela to improve their diving technique, but to cut it out, because it’s cheating, pure and simple!

    • In Harry Kane’s instances , would he of gone to ground if the defender hadn’t had his arms and body all over him, no ,I think not.
      Week refereeing and pathetic VAR rules,a total shambles and light years behind rugby and cricket who get things right and make the right decisions. Only when the football authorities get into the real world and actually make use of the technology available with on site officials ,‘ cheating ‘ of any form should disappear .

  4. well the ref bottled a lot of decisions in the game Xhaka should have been booked for the penalty and later been sent off before he actually got his first bookings that’s why VAR is here now because the standards of refereeing is shit and getting worse each year no consistency

    • Thanks, Xaka committed so many fouls and never receive booking. His foul on he was never booked for his reckless challeged for tje penaly. The foul on Son and the deliberated foul after LoCelso walk by him on a turn. Last year was the same thing from the whistle he was fouling and apolgizing to the ref. Had been book those 2 fouls on Son and Lo Celso would have seen hin gone went Marty decides he has enough.


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