Mauricio Pochettino and Moussa Sissoko both urged Tottenham to accept the VAR decision that went against them in Saturday’s defeat to Leicester City and move on.

Serge Aurier thought he had given Spurs a 2-0 lead at the King Power Stadium after Harry Kane’s opener, but the Ivorian’s striker was chalked off by VAR after it became apparent Son Heung-min was offside in the build-up.

It was the narrowest of narrow offsides, leading to VAR’s detractors suggesting it was not a “clear and obvious” error by the officials – but by the letter of the law it was the correct decision.

Watch Pochettino and Sissoko react below.

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  1. VAR is CANNOT be accurate. The focus was on the fact that apparently two hairs on Son’s arm were offside, but how accurately was the time of the picture calibrated… i.e. how do we know that it was taken at EXACTLY the split milli second that the ball was played? If it was taken say 10/ 1000ths AFTER the ball left the boot then the likelihood is that he was actually onside when it was played. All the focus / crosshairs on the receiving player and very little accuracy applied to the actual moment that the ball is played.

  2. mauritio will leave us when it suits him but i think he would be well advised to avoid real madrid as it has proven to be a managers nightmare —
    all this talk of our season being all washed up is a nonsence –remember our champions league campaign last year –who would have thought that we would go so far –
    as a fan since the early 80s i love to see us playing fast constructive football with real flair and just now we are lacking and i do think a lot of our problems stem from midfield where our creativity was a great feature along with giving protection to the rearguard — a couple of good results would restore confidence and give the impetus going forward


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