Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenberg has told VAR’s critics to “get over it” after Tottenham fell foul of the technology in Saturday’s defeat at Leicester City.

Serge Aurier appeared to put Spurs 2-0 up at the King Power Stadium but the goal was chalked off by VAR after it became apparent Son Heung-min was offside by a toenail in the build-up. Leicester then fought back, cancelling out Harry Kane’s opener with goals from Ricardo Pereira and James Maddison.

Some have suggested it was impossible to tell whether Son was really offside as we do not truly know when the pass left Tanguy Ndombele’s foot. What’s more, the lines by which VAR judge offsides are not 100% scientifically accurate.

But writing in his column for the Daily Mail, Clattenburg has insisted VAR is the best and most accurate technology possible and should be trusted.

“If VAR tells us Son Heung-min was 1.6cm offside, then he is offside,” he wrote.

“We need to accept that if the camera shows a player to be offside, no matter how small the margin, then the decision will be given.

“Do we then start not allowing goals which are just 1.6cm over the line? No. This is one aspect of VAR we have to stop complaining about.

“Son was offside seconds before Serge Aurier scored what would have been Spurs’ second goal at Leicester, and the correct decision was reached.”

The decision certainly appeared to have an effect on both sides, as Leicester rallied and Tottenham surrendered yet another lead in a costly week in terms of results.

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  1. What would Clattenberg suggest VAR do if a goal is cored but ruled offside on th field – then Var 5 minutes later calls the ref and says it was a legitimate goal?

  2. Does Clattenberg know anything about measurement accuracy and resolution or tolerance? I do not mind if the accuracy is so good that they can be sure it is 3mm (for example)offside with tolerance of plus or minus 0.01mm.Then offside is offside . So in this case they say it’s16mm offside. Can they tell me what the resolution or tolerance is?

  3. Son’s arm was deemed to be offside and the offside law states” that a player is in an offside position if any of their body parts, except the hands and arms”… Get your facts right before you spout off!! Clatten who!!!! Runs away, then comes scuttling back to make money from a tabloid newspaper!!


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