Moussa Sissoko’s reputation as a fans favourite at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is going from strength to strength.

The Frenchman endured a difficult first two seasons at the club after joining from Newcastle United back in 2016, but since breaking into the team around 12 months ago has enjoyed up upturn in fortunes and has quickly become one of Mauricio Pochettino’s most reliable midfielders.

Sissoko has started all eight of Spurs’ Premier League games this term, including yesterday’s humiliating 3-0 defeat to Brighton & Hove Albion.

With Serge Aurier suspended after his sending off the previous week and Kyle Walker-Peters and Juan Foyth deemed not ready to start, Sissoko was forced to play at right-back at The Amex, the position he finished the 2-1 victory over Southampton.

It certainly wasn’t one of Sissoko’s best performance in a Tottenham shirt, but the 30-year-old showed his class by reaching out to supporters on social media the evening after the game to apologise to Spurs fans for their appalling performance against the Seagulls.

The message read:

We are currently in a difficult period and no one is happy with this situation.

It’s not a lack of desire on our part, neither of the staff nor of the club, quite the contrary!
In sport as in everyday life, some moments are difficult but we have to accept them, face them and come out bigger and stronger.

We will only succeed in reversing the trend if we all do it together.

I am sorry for the fans not to show the true face of the Spurs and all our qualities in these last games. But with our desire to turn the page on this difficult period and then your support, it is all together that we will succeed in changing the situation and moving forward again!

Let us remain united and move forward ????



  1. Sissoko is a top guy; against all the odds he has gone from villain to most appreciated player: if the other players put half the effort in that he is doing, we would not be on the edge of the cliff.

    Some people have agreed with my recent posts, and I have been criticised by others for my firm ststements: everyone is entitled to their opinion.In all honesty I just cannot explain what has happened to the team and why.
    From being a side who on their day, and we had a few, could beat any top team over the last few years, we have become a team of Sunday Hackney Marshes kickabouts.Relegation will soon be staring us full in the face.
    How can we have become a bad team over night?Didn’t MP state as recently as last season that he was happy with the squad?
    Granted not signing a player for 18 months was not very clever but Pocc this summer got 3 new would be very good players that he was pining for.The result a disaster.
    Top players for club and country like Dier, Alli, Trippier etc… can’t all have become bad overnight.
    Any suggestions?

  2. Changing the formation and not the physiological way of playing get you this kind of result. Case in point. On 3rd goal when the ball was played long down our right side, Sissoko was standing on exactly on the halfline. That is how we play not matter the formation. All teams recognized that ans attck us time after time down our flanks more often than not Ben Davies slow as tortoise is chasing the play. That inevitable pulls the central defenders out and leave midfielders to defend inside. Go look at the tape. And one last thing. What Moura is not starting is beyond me.

  3. I think that comment about Ben is completely unfair he is far from slow don’t compare players. What would you think if people at your work compared you to every Tom,Dick and Harry. If you want to have a go at somebody try Vertonghan he is like lighting but always appears to be running at half speed. Try Lamela how many times does he pass to Harry Kane not in match but a season our greatest asset and he gets two three passes a game. Two seasons ago he was being bombarded with crosses what’s gone wrong there I keep asking myself

  4. I just feel that the manager players can get together, talk about what has gone wrong and sort out what needs to be put right.
    If the players themselves sort out there passes, get that right then the other teams will have to watch out what Tottenham are doing; get the points that is needed then Tottenham can shoot up the league.
    What they don’t want is sloopy or silly goals from other teams, just score goals and build yourself up so come on Tottenham show your strengths and get goals; because if you don’t you could be the laughing stock of the premier league.

  5. This team can and will turn the season round and nobody will want that more than poch he wont be sacked,or walk away.he will tackle this as a new challenge and I am right behind the club .I have seen some good players in my team but this team will get stronger and other teams get ready for the return to form of everyone .


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