Michael Dawson has slammed Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy for letting Christian Eriksen, who he describes as one of the top-two players in the Premier League, run his contract down and potentially leave on a free transfer.

The 27-year-old midfielder has already entered the final year of his contract, leaving Spurs with just one final opportunity to cash in on the Dane – in January – or risk losing him for nothing when his deal comes to an end next summer.

Eriksen, who has struggled for form this season, was linked with a hosts of top European club’s in the summer window – including Real Madrid, PSG and Juventus, but remained a Tottenham player, although his playing opportunities have been few and far between – with his contract situation one of a number of problems affecting the teams results.

But Dawson, who played for Spurs between 2005 and 2014, believes that Eriksen should have been offered a new contract at the same time as some of Tottenham’s other big-hitters.

“Christian Eriksen, for the last two seasons, has been one of the best players in the Premier League. In the top-ten players for me because he’s a creator. He didn’t hit the form he set at the end of last season and he hasn’t this season with the things going on like with the contract – only he knows that.

“If he gets offered all this money, and that’s what Spurs will struggle with, teams will want their players and people can pay more. So two years ago, why didn’t they offer Eriksen a mega deal when they offered them to Harry Kane and Dele Alli?”, the former Spurs man told Sporting Life.



  1. I agree spurs should of planned better in keeping their top players happy but this season is proving its all about the money they say if they want to win trophy they have to move on i say prove your a dedicated spurs player and stick together as a team and win a top trophy for the shirt the fans and then they can say to the doubters i am a top player i proved it if he wants to go then he isn’t for us good bye

  2. I disagree, Eriksen had loads of offers tabled, he just refused them all, he hasn’t wanted to play for Spurs since his head was turned by real Madrid, the guy ain’t professional, if he was he’d still be performing like he used to which he hasn’t for around 18 months now, when he missed five, yes FIVE penalties in a row for Spurs, he just shrugged his shoulders as if he couldn’t care less, was once one of my favourite players for spurs, but he shouldn’t be anywhere near a Spurs team now, not even the under 18’s, stop paying him wages and he ought to pay back out of his own pocket the transfer fee Spurs payed for him plus his wages for the last 18 months,

  3. Kevin, it is as if I had written that article;bang on.
    With Lo Celso now fit and Lamela playing the best he ever has for us, no need to ever see the sight of that little prick again in a Spurs shirt.
    MP take note.

  4. Totally agree, I was a big Ericksen fan, but has been well below par in the last 12 months not showing enough passion, giving the ball away to cheaply.

  5. Let’s get some reality here. He is already on mega money. Its just pure greed from these players. Eriksen has become a complete mamby Pamby player. Can’t shoot, take corners, run back with any heart, or do a simple thing like take a corner. He’s pathetic. Should never play for the club again.


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