Barcelona agreed a deal to sign Christian Eriksen in the summer that would have seen Ivan Rakitic and Carles Alena move to Tottenham in exchange, according to reports in Spain.

However, it is believed Lionel Messi told Barcelona to pull the plug on the deal because he was not convinced by Eriksen’s application for Spurs.

The story comes from Spanish outlet El Desmarque, which claims a deal was very much in place before Messi intervened. Tottenham had apparently agreed to let Eriksen leave for the Camp Nou, with Rakitic and Alena moving in the other direction.

Rakitic was also heavily linked with Paris Saint-Germain in the summer when Barcelona were trying to secure Neymar’s return. It seems the Croatian was being offered all over the place, and there is no indication as to whether he was actually interested in joining Spurs.

Regardless, Messi’s issue with Eriksen is said to have stopped the deal form happening, and the Dane hasn’t exactly proved Messi wrong since then – his performances certainly haven’t been encouraging from a commitment point of view.

Earlier today we relayed reports suggesting Eriksen is holding out for a free transfer next summer, bit if El Desmarque’s report is to be believed, it’s unlikely he will be heading to Barcelona.



  1. Going off this story, it seems like Messi is not only the greatest player to play the game, but he may also make an excellent scout/coach too.

    • I agree, I think once messi hangs up his boots he’ll be on the coaching staff, no doubt! Mess literally can do it all!!!

  2. Both Rakitic and Alena are far better than Erikson. I don’t understand why Barca are yet again pushing home grown midfield talent out. Alcantara,Rafinha,Iniesta and many others .Let Busquets go as he only passes sideways and backwards and dives nearly as much as Neymar.Cheats. Why didn’t they work harder to sign De Lift ? Fati looks great too. Strengthen defence you Muppets.The rest is covered. Artur is top class.

    • What you said about Busi is plain rubbish. You clearly do not understand football at all, hence the stupid opinion you have of him. Your two-celled brain could not cope the genius of Busquets. “You watch the game, you do not see Busquets. You watch Busquets, you see the whole game.” – Vicente del Bosque

  3. I don’t know why they’re going for erikson
    We need attacker’s and defenders also I guess de light and mbappe can solve Barcelona for next season let’s play without Messi, let Messi come from bench
    Starting XL
    Ster gen
    De light
    De jong

  4. Alena is a great talent and Barcelona have to keep him but he going to spurs is a great deal and todibo has to be trained to take over from busquet because he’s a great at the defensive midfield areas as well

    • Sexy story because Erikssen is steuggling. If Barca wanted Erikssen Malcolm would have been the player sent the other way. This is as fake as Balon using his high influence to write crap story to keep hos readers.


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