“Sometimes he’s way too greedy” – Ex-Spurs striker raises issue with current...

“Sometimes he’s way too greedy” – Ex-Spurs striker raises issue with current fan favourite



Former Tottenham striker Darren Bent has suggested Son Heung-min sometimes lets himself down with his greediness on the ball.

Son has been Spurs’ standout player during a difficult week for the South Korean and the team as a whole. After providing the assist for Dele Alli’s opener against Everton, Son was involved in the incident that saw Andre Gomes break his ankle.

He recovered with two goals against Red Star in the Champions League before scoring again in the draw with Sheffield United on Saturday.

However, Bent has taken issue with one aspect of Son’s game that could do with some work. Praising Danny Rose’s performance in the 4-0 win over Red Star, Bent claimed Rose could be frustrated by Son’s preference to shoot rather than produce combinations down the left.

Rose put in his best attacking performance of the season against Belgrade, setting up Son’s second goal of the night. But Bent believes Son’s greediness did not help Rose.

“I thought he (Rose) was brilliant, I thought he was tremendous (against Red Star),” Bent told Football Insider.

“To be fair to him, he looked good but if I was Danny Rose, at times he must be so frustrated to play with Heung-min Son on your side because the amount of times he does a marauding overlap where he powers and all he needs is a little pass to the side, Son will shoot.

“I think that’s one area where he lets him down is sometimes he’s way too greedy.”

It’s true that Son is more of a forward than a winger these days, so it’s not a surprise that he often cuts inside and goes for goal. What’s more, Mauricio Pochettino is probably instructing him to get into central areas and support Harry Kane.

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  1. Very good point, Son by nature plays down the middle and that could be habitual. I take issue with the setup and while wingbacks are suppose to arrive late and occasionally overlap it is a staple of the Spurs offense on both sides. Now, what you have are 2 guys occuping the same place that resutls in tap tap football instead of the old one touch, slip and cross. What you have are theee inverted wingers who cannot cross the ball with there off foot. That is rampant throughout football, so I feel Rose’s pain who has a natural left foot while Son drible into the box and Kane running around looking for a spot. When was the last time Kane scored a header or any goal from a cross. Trent Alexander and Robertson are average defenders who look like world beaters going foward. When they are pinned back they are both prone to errors because they are not required to play steel defense but merely wingbacks with pace to go forward and whip the ball over. That was once reserved for the real wingers with pace and guile, get to the bye line and drop it in the box. Those days are gone. Thanks to Messi and Ronaldo.

  2. Ridiculous! Son passes to Bent when he has space to run multiple times a game. Sure, maybe he won’t make the right pass every time, but that’s in the nature of a striker. We were criticizing Son for not being aggressive enough just a couple of years ago. Darren must be drinking some wack stuff to talk like this.

    • No, no you are wrong, it is not a criticism, it an observation. Son is playing as an inverted winger which is where the first problem begins and he does not cross the ball from outside the box from either wings. You must be able to make a point without feeling slighted. Darren is correct. He dribbles alot, so if by design the manager is asking the wingbacks to go forward and Rose runs 30yds for the overlap and Son dip his shoulders, skip over it twice and break inside towards the box. Just let that image sink in for a minute. You can complete my post, am done.

  3. Bent’s observation is spot on and I have been saying the same to my friends for quite sometime. Son is greedy and if he was not, Spurs would have scored more goals this term. It’s like he thinks he is the only one entitled to scoring goals. Now that Bent has brought this up, check the number of times wherein he has an option to pick up a fellow striker but delays in order to score himself. Please just note this. If Son can correct this, he can be the ultimate player and Spurs can benefit from his array of skills.


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