Tottenham Hotspur face Norwich City at Carrow Road in the Premier League on Saturday, just two days after a Boxing Day victory over Brighton.

With the games coming thick and fast over the festive period, Jose Mourinho has a number of decisions to make regarding his team selection.

We think the Spurs boss will make a total of five chances to the line-up that beat Brighton. At left-back, Danny Rose should come in to finally give Jan Vertonghen a rest.

Harry Winks and Moussa Sissoko are both suspended after picking up yellow cards on Boxing Day, so Eric Dier and Tanguy Ndombele are likely to start in central midfield.

Dele Alli was clutching his hamstring at full-time against Brighton, which means we may see Erik Lamela for the first time under Mourinho.

Giovani Lo Cleso might also be given a starting berth after impressing from the bench on Thursday. He is bound to come in for Ryan Sessegnon.

Here’s our expected XI to face Norwich – what’s yours? Let us know in the comments section below.




  2. Is there anywhere we can go and chat about Spurs, without having to read so called Spurs fans only seemingly interested in hating our own players today? What is wrong with these people? But more to the point, when did this hating our own players become acceptable? Why would anyone want to hate any player that pulls on a Spurs shirt? What do they think hating a player will achieve, apart from negative things? That’s not a fan, that’s a hater, there’s an opinion, and there’s hate, and they’re two completely different things!
    Tell me, do we ever see City fans, Liverpool fans, Utd fans, Leicester City fans ever hating one of their own players? No, we don’t.
    So why are we seeing Spurs fans acting exactly like Arsenal fans, and actually only ever hating something about the club? These people never actually support the club, but only look to find something to hate about it every week? Is there maybe something mentally wrong with those sorts of ”fans”?

    The things I’ve read about Dier, are shocking, and being honest, only show those saying the hateful things up as irrelevant fools, did any of them watch the Wolves game? If so, why are we not seeing any praise for Dier’s display? He was superb in that game, he noticed before anyone else, that J V was getting torn to pieces by a rampant Traore down the left, he made sure he was always giving him cover, doing so saw him with many critical challenges and clearances, he kept us in that game.

    Yet it goes completely unnoticed. So many fans don’t recognise what he actually does. It’s because when he does his job well, he’s not noticed, he breaks up play, he nicks the ball and feeds a quick easy ball off, or does the right thing, if there’s no forward attacking pass, he’s happy to play it sideways or back, rather than hitting a long hopeful pass over the top, that only results in a 50/50 ball at best, then we’ve lost possession again. Retaining possession to start another attack is always better than any hopeful ball that gives it away cheaply, his kind of player only ever get noticed after a mistake, they never get the praise they deserve after playing a fantastic game.

    A perfect example of this was Sandro’s best ever performance in a Spurs shirt, vs Milan, who were a very good talented Milan, he was playing the same role as Dier.
    We needed to keep a clean sheet after winning 1-0 away, to go through in the CL.
    Sandro alone carried us through that game, and do you know what? Nobody even noticed what he’d actually done.
    All the Milan fans were raging crazy over this Sandro performance, yet our fans, never said a word about it? You don’t see much better than this…

  3. There’s a difference between hate and criticism. I actually agree about Dier (and indeed Sandro- I remember that performance). and he is really the only functional DM in the club – Wanyama is well past it, and Winks, Sissoko and NDombele are not DMS.

    But there is room for criticism. Aurier has not only been poor, he really canot be arsed to get back. among many other instances, 1st goal from Chelsea was entirely his fault both giving away a corner and then falling asleep. That all seems obvious and I would be amazed in Mourinho doesnt buy a right back for Xmas.

    Moura is a more nuanced case.m In my view, he’s a semi decent striker who really wants to play where Dele plays – behind Kane. He’s not a winger, he doesn’t run into space, and he seems to be unable to pass the ball, constantly dribbling into trouble instead. worse still, he is constantly taking space from Kane. Pressing is also a problem- no discipline and no real commitment unless he sees a chance to acutally pinch the ball. aside from his magical night in Amsterdam, not much there. Really looking to see Lo Celso replace him.

    Now, is that hate? I dont think so – it’s a reasoned argument about why I think Moura is on balance a net negative for the team, and we would do better playing Lo Celso instead. You might reply by arguing that I’m wrong and we could have a friendly discussion about it….


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