Mourinho pushing for Portugal international to join Spurs – report

Mourinho pushing for Portugal international to join Spurs – report



Jose Mourinho wants Tottenham to sign Barcelona defender Nelson Semedo, according to reports in Spain.

Semedo, an attacking right-back, has made 20 appearances across all competitions this season but has struggled to cement a place in Barcelona’s starting line-up since joining from Benfica in the summer of 2017.

Spanish outlet El Desmarque claims Mourinho is keen for Spurs to make a move for the 26-year-old, who impressed against the Londoners in last season’s Champions League group stages.

The report suggests Tottenham are willing to pay €36 million for Semedo, though it is thought Barcelona want to recoup significantly more than that.

Semedo is a Portugal international, so the nationality link with Mourinho is there. El Desmarque also believes a lack of Champions League football would not concern Semedo as he simply wants to play regularly and ‘feel important’. Spurs are currently six points behind fourth-placed Chelsea in the race for a top four finish.

Serge Aurier has been Mourinho’s first-choice right-back to date but the Ivorian’s defending continues to come in for criticism. Semedo is not much different in that regard, but perhaps Mourinho sees more potential for improvement in that area of his game.


  1. Where is the proof this is happening? Just like 99% of this transfer crap is bullshit. I thought reporter here in the states were bad, you Brits live on rumors. Never see any facts to support your make believe stories. All this crap about signing a striker proves my point. So over all this bull.

  2. USA Tottenham Fan, you took the words right out of my mouth. It’s so tedious to read all of these transfer reports backed by very little evidence (and i’m not solely blaming this website). Since yesterday we have been “strongly linked” with the following:

    Soumare, Gedson Fernandes, Umtiti, Koulibaly, Nelson Semedo, Dembele, Cavani, Piatek (offer accepted, then an hour later apparently no offer submitted yet), Aarons, Hysaj, Lemar. Ings and these are just the ones I can remember.

    The british media really needs to get a grip and stop making things up, I think all fans are getting very tired of this circus twice a year.

  3. What people have to remember jose although he wants to be successful he does not have to be. He has no magic wand so if Levy and the board won’t release money because we don’t have any when the club is making more money than it ever did then so what. Jose will just continue on with what he has. By making statements he is just telling the fans look poch couldn’t do it and nor can I if are hands are tied. So expect no signings and its up to the fans if they adopt the same policy as DL and the board. Save your money for next season play Levy and the board at their own game. Don’t spend your money in the stadium and even miss a game or two nothing wrong with that. We have to pay to watch and pay top rate so if the owners won’t man up fine why should we. Not fair to expect us to spend our hard earned so they can live a life. We expect to be entertained and to do that we need new and better players.

  4. Excellent Statement, at the end of the day! No Fans! No Competition!
    If I may make a future point, one of the things that burn me up is when your watching T.V. and you see Players arriving for games and when they exit the Bus most of them have some kind of Head phones listing to what ever and make no effort to look over or say (Hi) to the waiting Fans!

  5. Totally agree. Stop all this buying of players kak and get on with the job with what U have. So far the Tottenham winning and losing is the same BORING. It does not seem that Jose has a plan.

  6. iv stopped going. refuse to keep traveling losing time off work to watch a second rate team of non tryers.can’t best Colchester for fucks sake .levy will not spend .yanks have got bullshit press nailed in one .we should all stand together and boycott ground until next season if no joy come the end of January

  7. As a 50+ man I have been a lifelong spurs fan, love the club, not been for years, the odd game here and there but season ticket departed years ago due to the mortgage kids and so forth, I agree with a stadium boycotts this will highlight the frustration of the fans but here’s the crunch, football back in the day was for the fans, its now a global business, run by businessman for the sole purpose of monetary profit, these top boys don’t care who’s on the terraces, whether you support spurs, or any other team, they want bums on seats and you only have to look on the TV now and see the cultural range of people in the stands to see this, for every seat there is and I guarantee it, 10 people willing to pay whatever to watch a Premier league game live, there lies the problem, the good old working man’s game is no longer that ?


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