Tottenham are planning on making a late January swoop to sign highly rated Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos, according to Football Insider.

The 23-year-old, whose contract at Ibrox runs until the summer of 2023, is currently the top scorer in the Scottish Premiership this season – scoring 28 goals in all competitions, including an impressive 14 in the Europe League, making him the top scorer in all Europe.

Spurs, who have been linked with a host of strikers in the January window, remain in desperate need of someone to step in for Harry Kane, who looks set to miss the rest of the season after sustaining a bad hamstring injury in the New Year’s Day loss at Southampton.

And Football Insider are reporting that the Colombian could be seen as a replacement for Kane, although Steven Gerrard has previously stated that Morelos, who remains a crucial part of their SPL title race with rivals Celtic, is not for sale at any price.

However, given their world class stadium, training facilities and Jose Mourinho, Spurs will be hoping to convince the South American to make the switch to the Premier League.

Would you be happy to see Morelos at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.



  1. I am a Spurs fan but as a Scot I have supported Rangers all my life and watch all their games. Morelos is a natural goal scorer. He has it all BUT he has accumulated more red cards than any player I’ve seen and most of them are for petulance. I’d love him at Spurs – he’d be a sensation.

  2. Jesus wept – think Janseen with a really bad temperment including going to pieces in front of goal every time he plays a high pressure game. I dont know – think we need to be looking for someone who can develop into top end rather than some flat track bully.

  3. Total thug! He would spend more time suspended than on the pitch without the “leniency” of scottish referees, and with the all seeing eye of VAR

  4. Morelos is box office and excelled in Europa League, he defo has ability to succeed in any league no doubts. In his recent old firm game Ryan Christie the celtic defender was seen falling out Morelos pocket

  5. Tim vucktooth obviously hasn’t a clue what he’s talking about. Most his red cards are for things that other players are getting away with in the Spfl. He’s targeted because celtic controlled spfl, sfa want him gone because hes a danger to their cherished 10 in a row. How embarrassing for them if they dont get that. Scots referees may be lenient but that depends who they play for. Poorly trained aswell.

    • Holy F**K – is this not the guy that the Celtic supporters merciless taunt because he has never managed a single goal against them. That is some rant chief. Have you spoke to anyone?

  6. Ps much better player than lo celso or lamela. 2 fkn onions them pair. I’m surprised lamela has been at spurs that long. Morelos is a battering ram of player and is only giving as good as he gets, that’s a fact. Want him to stay at the gers but if he leaves for a prem club I would want it to be spurs. Hes not moving in this transfer window thats for sure.

    • Na better idea – you keep him. Just checked and he is not even top scorer in the Scottish League. Defoe who was past being good enough for Spurs nearly a decade ago has got one less than his FFS!! Geez you really do not have a clue do you?

  7. Morelos wont be going anywhere until Rangers win their 55th title, then I am sure 30m plus wont deter teams at all. Morelos has been disgracefully targeted by the refs and opposing teams trying to get him sent off in SPL. However as mentioned before he has excelled even more at higher level teams in Europa League where he can express himself more without little minded players trying to get him sent off. If Rangers win title this season under Stevie G there will be a meltdown from Celtic and their fans because their supremacy has been taken from them by their rivals who have been working their way back up th leagues. Only when Rangers win back league will Morelos go to better league.

    • So what happens if they dont win the league? Will they be able to afford to turn down 6 or 7 million?

      As pointed out above he is not the top scorer in Scotland plus any half decent team in Europa League normally play their squad players to get through group stages.

          • Yep I remember also Spurs only played Hutton 51 times ! Not bad considering his bad injury, he also has 50 caps for Scotland and a good Villa stint 185 appearances !.
            Admit it you have agendas…. take deep breaths and stop thinking about the better team from Glasgow
            PS Dee
            your previous Question would Rangers sell Morelos if they don’t win league this season ….. I can only imagine if 30m was offered and there was a replacement in place …why not??????? but anything less no chance!

          • Hutton was a dududand a thug, complete waste of space. Pretty sure he played in league cup final so will give him that but biggest impact he made while at Spurs was on his Dads face. As for Villa, could not care less. Were they even Prem at the time or in process of getting relegated. Maybe they will buy your man.

  8. I think talking about Hutton has no bearing on this article at all, what we are talking about here is a 23 year old Columbian who is box office and will at some point leave Rangers for a big big fee, and all Rangers fans will be hoping he stays at Ibrox for as long as possible, and when he leaves it will be Scotlands loss that’s for sure. GOODNIGHT XXXX


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