Christian Eriksen could play a part for Tottenham against Southampton on Saturday despite reportedly edging closer to joining Inter Milan, according to Football London’s Alasdair Gold.

On Friday evening, Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano – who is always reliable when it comes to transfers – revealed Spurs and Inter Milan have finally agreed a fee for Eriksen’s transfer and the Dane will sign his contract in the next few days.

Hearing that, one would think Eriksen has played his last game for Tottenham. But it seems that might not be the case.

Alasdair Gold, another trusted voice in the Spurs sphere, claims Eriksen – as of Friday evening – is still expected to travel with the squad to Southampton for Saturday’s FA Cup fourth round tie at St Mary’s.

Eriksen was dropped to the bench for the midweek victory over Norwich City in the Premier League and was booed by sections of the Tottenham support when he came on as a substitute.

It would certainly be strange if the 27-year-old played against Southampton as an injury could see his move to the San Siro called off. With that in mind, we don’t expect him to feature – check out our predicted Spurs XI here.



  1. Eriksen can fucking do one, the shrimp faced traitor. He downed tools for us ages ago while we’re paying the cunts wages. He bottled the CL final against those lucky overated scouse freaks. Fuck Eriksen.

    • Spurs never paid him fair wages…Signed him for 12 millions, a steal,,,And went on to win 4 champions league for you…During which you made him a meagre 70.000 during most wins, though he was the brains behind it all…

      You Spurs supporters never appreciated him. Your hatred for him now, calls for all of Denmarks hatred against you at Spurs…Thank you Dier for your comment today on Eriksen…His teammates now how important and valuable he was! So will you when he is finally gone!

      But wish spurs well, though my new favorite team as Eriksen will leave Spurs, is Liverpool- the working mans team, and leicester-the underdog working mans team….Goodbye Coys…Thanks for the highs and lows…You lost your chance for glory, and it was always about keeping Eriksen…All he wanted was kane wage comparity 18 months ago…You could have him tied down for ever then, and the situation of Spurs completely different now…But you fcked up the elementaries…You dont fck around with a viking…We are quiet, but we get our ways…We got brains…

      • Dry your nose hamlet. The hate towards Eriksen is not because he’s leaving but because he downed tools almost a year ago against Burnley and has barely turned in a performance since then.
        Eriksen has been my favourite player at Spurs for so many years and always thought it would be tough to say goodbye to him. Eriksen himself created a situation where Spurs fans can’t wait to see the back of him. Regardless of what he does at Inter Milan, nothing can change that he let down everyone at Spurs and played a big role in getting Poch sacked, which we won’t forget regardless of him being danish or wherever.
        Go and enjoy supporting the top 2 teams in the league. Whatever position we finish, we’re still Spurs.

      • Fuck off you Danish nonce. Eriksen is shit. No one forced the twat to join us. You go off and support Liverpool, the club that kills their own fans, other fans, always moans, rife with incest, high pitched freaks, rat faced nonces, go on you bacon faced Danish nonce. Bye.

    • Overrated scourers?????? Lol, been lucky to only draw one game all seasons, Belen lucky not to lose in over a year lol or been locked cky to be unbeaten at home for 2 years???, Not a team of superstars, just a team of legends. Spurs best stadium in the championship in 2 years b another leeds

  2. The brainchild of the Spurs revival last 6 years, Christian Eriksen, who officially have signed for inter Milan, of course would risk no injury starring for a team that have underpaid him since he arrived, and was the star player of that team…Thank god our Great Danish viking will leave Spurs now…New favorite team is Inter Milan worldwide…New favorite PL team is Liverpool and Leicester….

    Thanks for the highs and lows made by Eriksen , in Spurs last 6 years…All the highs were made by him. You never respected him. He deserve more than you miserable Spurs supporters…And he will get it now, and claim his glory…While you will go down to the pits…

    All he demanded was Kane wage comparability 18 months ago. You made a mess of the last 18 month, by not giving it to him…You dont treat the biggest football star of Denmark in modern times like that! Spurs and Levy brought up the poor play of Tottenham on themselves…And how they will never make Champions league this year! You had your shot, but decided not to appreciate Eriksen…You pay for your mistakes….

  3. Hamlet, you are as confused and conflicted as the Prince whose name has inspired you. All Spurs fans have idolized Eriksen (Sen, Sen, Sen; he is our No. 23; flashes to the left, flashes to the right; He is our midfield dynamite). His place is Spurs history is assured as the key player after Kane in a glorious team. He was also offered e tremely generous wages at 260k per week. As a Spurs fan, I respected his desire to play for Real Madrid as a desire to tread the path of a Modric to a ballon d’or. But playing so below par while on a contract when Madrid did not come calling as he is good but not great, that is not professionalism. We wish him well in Inter. He is a fine player, though not at the level of a Van der Vart, Modric or Hoddle from the times I have been watching Spurs. I, like many other Spurs fans, wish him well.


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