Harry Winks was superb against Manchester City on Sunday, but his best moment may have actually come before the game.

During the warm-up, the Tottenham midfielder summoned the spirit of Rafael van der Vaart… with a piece of chewing gum.

You might have seen the below video before. Van der Vaart was caught on camera spitting out his gum and keeping it up before catching it in his mouth again.

Well, before running the show against City, Winks did the very same thing. The birthday boy was clearly in a good mood – but he was in an even better mood a couple of hours later. Watch below.

Harry Winks doing a Rafa Van Der Vaart / Maradona from r/coys

The above is clipped from the video below.




  1. Does anyone else think that Paul Merson is a complete and utter dick.
    Appart from being an X gooner and a drunken gambling addict, his match predictions are shyte.
    His points that he has given on the SS web site are completely biased even though Spurs won at the weekend, ok he has a point that we were totally outplayed for large parts of the game, but I can remember when Jose was in charge at chelskie that’s exactly what he did there, soak it all up and then break away and win the game, I can’t ever remember him criticising them for doing that? Think he should just crawl back into his box.


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