Tottenham have received a major boost in their pursuit of keeping Harry Kane after Sky Sports announced this evening that Spurs have no intention of selling him to Manchester United of any other Premier League club.

There were reports on Easter Sunday that chairman Daniel Levy was prepared to sell the England captain for £200million in order to help with the club’s financial difficulties after the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent Instagram live with former Tottenham midfielder Jamie Redknapp, Kane hinted that he wouldn’t necessarily remain at Spurs for the rest of his career if the club don’t continue to match his ambitions – with the England captain admitting that he’s desperate to win major trophies, something that the North London outfit haven’t done since 2007-2008.

However, Tottenham have been quick squash the possibility of Kane signing for any of their rivals this summer.

This news still means that Kane could end up joining the likes of Real Madrid or Barcelona in the future, but it’s some much-needed positive news for Jose Mourinho in what has been a testing few weeks for the Spurs head coach.



  1. The problem is Levy believes Tottenham are the only club in the world that will have “during Corona Virus and Post Corona Virus” problems.
    Granted perhaps he saw too big with the stadium development and he should have sold the naming rights to the stadium earlier instead of waiting for the extra buck which never came.Again a question of being too clever and too greedy.
    The most irritating matter is Jo Lewis could wipe out the debt for the stadium in a flash, not even “denting” him and making it a real estate investment.

    • the trouble with that is Joe Lewis thinks he is going to live forever but with all the money in the world he will not he will be the richest man in a coffin


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